Quick Update for March

April 1, 2013 at 12:33 AM

March sucked.Oh hey, it’s April Fool today! I’m not good at pranking people, not that I have anybody to prank on.

Most of March I’ve been sick, and busy. My days are spent handling customers and taking care of my business. My business has been going good compared to couple of months ago. About 1 1/2 weeks ago I went on a trip to Cameron Highlands. Just downloaded the pictures off my phone so I will try to make a post on the trip soon. As I’ve probably mentioned before I am now using Samsung Note II so it’s been quite a pain to download photos via Kies, which is Samsung’s own software but Android File Transfer is working awesome now. The thing is you need to uninstall Kies in order to use AFT. Even though my Blackberry Storm 2 was outdated, Blackberry has the best software for automatic photo transfer that straight away imports into my iPhoto on my iMac. I miss that.

The weather has been crazy as well. My aircond is leaking so it’s not as cold as it should be plus it’s leaking water. I so need a new aircond. I’m sweating like a pig in my own room.

Not much happened in March that I can write about. Hopefully April would be much more interesting for me. Well I have other things to do now. I’m kinda tired, and it’s only 12.30 am…ahh so much to do, so little time. I’m just gonna take some rest and then if I can, I’ll continue doing my work.

Before I end this, I present to you a video of top 10 pranks of 2012 because it’s hey, APRIL FOOL.