Quick Update January 2013

January 27, 2013 at 3:59 AM

Wow, this week has been hectic. It has been quite a crazy one week, and stressful I might add. I’m supposed to start blogging regularly but I’ve been too pre-occupied with stuff, plus now I’m so addicted to the big bang theory. So anyways, here are the quick update so far, which I promise I will write about soon.

  • I am now on UNIFI! Friggin finally!
  • I got a new phone! Will make an entry soon.
  • My business has been doing surprisingly fine, alhamdulillah.. I hope it will continues.
  • I LOVE The Big Bang Theory.
  • I need to lose weight 🙁

I seriously can’t think of anything else but on a completely different note, I have made a video or demo tutorial on Japanese candy using my new phone. Check it out!

More coming soon. I’m so excited because I finally have a phone with HD camera so I can record in 1080p quality. Of course a real HD video cam would be much better, but at the moment this will do. Though it was a pain in the ass to record it and do the demo because there’s no tripod or anything, so I had to improvise. I think for a first video, it turned out okay, don’t you think?