Goodbye, Bobo

November 22, 2012 at 5:51 AM

My beloved cat Bobo had just passed away.

It’s been only a month since my last 3 young cats died, and one went missing. In a month, I’ve lost 5 cats. My life changed instantly. I’ve been feeling so lonely, so empty. I tried saving Bobo but it was a huge mistake taking him to the government vet. They can’t do nothing. I can’t afford to take him to the specialist because it would cost a bomb and I need that money to take Jojo to the specialist.

Bobo had mouth ulcer which I didn’t know about. That explains why he was drooling and barely eating. Probably he barely drank much, which is why he couldn’t urinate. To say it was caused by cheap food, he’s just one year old-ish…I don’t think that can develop that fast. Took him to the vet before he collapsed, and vet just gave him two shots, and some pills without even draining his bladder. What? How could they? I read a website prior to going to the vet, this is emergency case and waiting would be fatal. And it became fatal.

But at least he’s out of pain and misery. Even though it pains me so much to let him go, but a part of me is happy that he’s no longer suffering. I couldn’t stand seeing him suffering. I am still in shock that he’s gone.. he was still okay yesterday morning, albeit weak. The shock would not kick in though until much later, when I realized there’s lesser cats welcoming me home, one less cat begging me for food.

Now I just need to give my attention to my other sick kittens and cats. I’m done crying, bawling my eyes out. I need rest. I am in so much stress, and sorrow.

Goodbye Bobo. I’m going to really miss you so goddamn much.
Please take care of Baby Tia, Junior Tam, Baby Tam for me.
And I hope Nikko will take care of you.
Rest in peace now.