November 21, 2012 at 8:06 AM

I can only sigh.

I thought my problems and misery and sorrow with my sickness and death of cats last month was over and I could work on pulling myself back together but then my cat Chomot Chi had the same symptoms. It was a panicky 3 days of monitoring him so that he don’t end up like my previous cats. Alhamdulillah he survived and have now fully recovered.

Then few days ago, my 2 kittens had the symptoms. Took to the vet. Not really good news but alhamdulillah, they too, are currently showing positive signs. They have yet to fully recover and I found my cat Bobo now having trouble urinating since yesterday and so I’m suspecting FLUTD. I’m taking him to the vet this morning and hoping and praying that he will recover. My cat Jimena is also not doing well, acting strange and not eating.

This bites. I can’t take this anymore. This is really too much for me. While I’m thankful and extremely happy that some are recovering, and showing positive signs but more sick cats are really making me depressed. I’m neglecting my work, myself, my life, my blogs etc because my attention can’t be given towards all these things.

Wish me luck.