Short Hiatus & Foldable Laptop Table Review

October 10, 2012 at 2:36 AM


I haven’t blogged for ages! I have been so busy lately that I feel lazy to update. Whenever I don’t have any work to do, customers to handle, stuff to posts, I’d end up sleeping or watching tv. Another reason why I’ve been so lazy to blog was that I didn’t have a laptop table and it’s hard to type and do work without it. My last laptop table broke. My knee accidentally hit one of the legs then CRACK followed by SNAP. But surprisingly that laptop table last longer than I thought it would – more than a month I think?

So early August, I was searching for a laptop table online. I’ve had enough. Months without a laptop table was really taking a toll on my body’s posture. I found a few laptop table deals but they weren’t quite the type that I want. My old laptop table had laptop cooler, mouse pad and cup holder. It’s big and spacious.

I found one good deal, and the deal was still on. I found this table ->

Portable Foldable Laptop Table

It’s PERFECT. It’s exactly the type I want. It has a laptop cooler, ‘mouse pad’, cup holder and even a pen holder. So I had to get it. They said the original price was RM189 but they have a 60% discount so it’s now RM59. Pffffft. What a bunch of baloney. I know the actual cost of that table is RM59 – well much lesser but all of my tables that I’ve bought before this cost RM59-RM69 only. So for this to cost RM189? So absurd.

But I didn’t have to go to KL to get it so what the heck. The company is in Ipoh so it shouldn’t take long to arrive right? Wrong.

After Hari Raya, then comes mid September, still no laptop table! It’s been over a month.  I was starting to get worried because I’ve already paid. I’ve emailed them twice and no response. I emailed the website company (it was and told them I want a refund. Surprisingly, the next day I got an email from the laptop table dealer saying the table will arrive the next week. Pffft. If I didn’t email them, I bet they would never send it.

But yes, true enough, the next week after I got back from my KL trip (will blog about that soon), it arrived! They used a courier, from the same city as I am, so it’ll take just a day to reach so obviously they had forgotten to send the table earlier. Wtf.

The table arrived in good condition, thank God. It’s foldable, had trouble setting it up because instruction wasn’t clear but when it’s finally set up, it’s all good 😀 I finally have a laptop table again! I can do work again. Ahhhh. So nice.

The table is made of plastics, instead of aluminium like my old ones. I don’t know how strong it is, and how long it’ll last. I hope it’ll last longer than my old ones. Bit shaky, not that sturdy but oh well. Well I’m gonna get some sleep now. Hopefully I can blog more often now.