Emergency Room Code Red by Legacy

September 13, 2012 at 3:02 PM


I miss this game so much.

Emergency Room: Code Red by Legacy

It’s a point-and-click simulation game in the ER room where you are the intern doctor (or something, I forgot) and you try to diagnose the patients. It’s awesome because it uses real quicktime movies, which means they were real actors and not animation. There are some story. And the best thing you get to use the tools like EKG machine, pulse oximeter, and even do minor surgery on them. I used to pretend I’m a doctor, and when I’m evil, I kill them haha.

This was like I think 10-12 years ago? They don’t make games like this anymore. It’s simple yet so thorough. The latest would be the game for DSi which I’ve finished but it was quite difficult. I wish they’d make more games like this :\

emergency room code red