Toddlers & Tiara

August 21, 2012 at 5:42 AM

Ever seen a show called ‘Toddlers & Tiara‘?

It’s absolutely a fucking disgusting show where mothers abuse their child so they could enter in pageants. By abuse I mean majority of the kids don’t even understand what they have to go through at such young age but they’re forced to by means of brainwashing. They’re forced to go through things only adults should do – like this spray tanning clip:

It’s mostly mothers either going to the tanning store to get spray tanned  or do it themselves. Some of the kids would cry and refuse which kind of sad to watch. But the thing is, it’s a show that people wanna watch. I hate what these stupid mothers who are insecure about their life and living their dream through their kids but somehow it just keeps me interested to watch how their pageants turn out.

My recent watch was this stupid Russian mother who I want to slap so hard that her head would spin 360 degrees ‘The Exorcist’ style. Out of all, she’s the one I really hate, and how competitive she was that SHE threw a tantrum when things didn’t go so well. Wtf. Even when her daughter won something (even though not the ultimate grand supreme title) but she acted as if her kid is worthless. What kind of a mother is that?

Then she had the nerve to threaten the person who uploaded the video just because everybody gave nasty comments about her attitude. Wtf.

But I do love Eden Wood (retired from pageant world now). I think she’s pretty & smart but way too mature for her age. Kids her age should start 1st grade and try to make friends and play outside, not act like they’re 30 years old. Then another one is Makenzie. She’s a brat but she’s entertaining. But they look like fake barbies in their pictures which is so gross.


Eden Wood

But I never thought that these fake barbie babies look any good with the poofed up wig and fake teeth and thick makeup but well, I like their dresses though. They actually look very scary —

Eden vs Makenzie