July 29, 2012 at 8:53 PM

pewdiepieI’ve been increasingly addicted and loving pewdiepie everyday. Pewdie is a popular youtube star that plays mostly independent games with his facecam included to show his reactions. What I love is that pewdie is so fricken hot, spontaneously funny and just plain adorable especially when he gets too scared of a game that he stopped playing to look at pictures of kittens. Any guys who love cats and kittens so much is alright in my book!

Too bad he has a gf haha but his gf who goes by the name cutiepie sometimes make an appearance in his videos and awww they’re so cute together. She’s hot too. This video is a compilation of his funny scare moments that he put together, and it’s the first video of pewdie that I watched that introduced me to him thus making me join the bro army.

This one is one of my favorite montages from him – a compilation of funny moments from Ao Oni.

Ain’t no party like a pewdie party.