Salam Ramadan 2012

July 25, 2012 at 3:45 AM

Salam Ramadan!

Ramadan started last Saturday (21st July). It’s always hard the first few days especially when you go shopping and you can’t buy your favorite drink or eat your favorite snack. Then you see other races eating happily and all you could do is stare and salivating. For me, when fasting month comes, my stomach automatically couldn’t digest food and I don’t know why. Usually I’d eat a lot but this past few days I haven’t had any appetite. And that’s weird considering that this is the time for RAMADAN BAZAAR! Yessss.

Bazar Ramadhan Greentown Ipoh 2012

I went shopping with my friend last Sunday to waste some time and because it was still too early I decided to stop by at 2 different bazaars. Because it was Sunday, and people flocked to shopping malls and probably break their fast at restaurants in the malls, so the bazaar I always go to didn’t have that many people. I went to the Greentown one and it was crowded! Not as crowded as weekdays but still crowded.

I love Greentown bazaar due to the fact that it has my favorite tandoori chicken and naan – the best in Ipoh in my opinion. I’ll write more about the bazaar and its variety of foods soon at my food blog – Sinfully Delicious. Most of the pictures I took were quite blurry so I need to take some new ones.

Bazar Ramadhan Greentown Ipoh 2012

That guy is wearing a shirt that says ‘Pening’ (headache). ‘Pening’ is definitely right. I still haven’t taken the free porridge from the mosque. I miss it. Ahh I love Ramadan.

With the amount of food available, how can I not gain more weight? Seriously. I want to be skinny again.. do this work? ->