Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

June 23, 2012 at 11:39 PM

Last month, I had a very traumatizing month. But I always believe everything happens for a reason. I always believe that if I had an extremely bad luck, it means that an extremely good luck will follow.. at first I failed to see what, but yesterday I finally realized what it was. I had an extremely good luck that I can’t tell but it did cause 95% of the heavy burden myself and my mom had been carrying to be lifted. I now feel so friggin relieved, thank God.

I’ve also gotten back my phone line, and FINALLY got a new battery for my blackberry storm2. Goodness God, that phone was really testing my patience when the battery is fucked up… you can’t even ‘click’ the screen because it just wouldn’t work. Do I regret getting a Storm2? I don’t know. Owning a Blackberry has been the best thing to me, but it does have a some huge flaw that makes me wanna pull my hair.

With my problem solved, most of it anyway, I now have a clear mind and can focus on my work better.