Missing Kitten

June 17, 2012 at 2:45 AM

My kitten is missing. I seriously don’t know what kind of curse I have now because in less than a month I’ve lost 5 kittens. It’s seriously tearing me apart. I’m trying to be strong so I could go on with my life, but one after another, even superman won’t be able to handle this. I always say there’s a reason behind everything that happens, and so far my life has been pure shithole and it’s taking shit after shit everyday.

I’m trying my best to find some money and be able to move back to KL. I hate this place and I hate the surrounding. I hate not being able to find a job because there’s none here that’s in my field. I hate the snobbish neighbors. I have no friends here. I have no life. Why the fuck did I move back to Ipoh?