The Most Depressing May 2012

June 5, 2012 at 3:54 PM

sad crying emo girlThe month of May last month had been the most depressing month of 2012 for me. 2 weeks before the month ended, I had streaks of bad lucks. First of all, it started out with a misunderstanding between myself and this company (in the US) and at first it didn’t look too good. That’s solved now however. Then, the unexpected happened.

My beloved kitten got terribly sick.

He has been quite weak and sick-looking for quite a while and I didn’t know why. He had been very skinny – just skin and bones but he ate fine. One thing I fear from happening again is the plague that struck my cats/kittens back in 2005 and took I think about 7 of my cats & kittens within a week. It was the most depressing thing ever. I feared it happening again, God forbid. But they didn’t show any symptoms. I went to Mydin that day – it was Tuesday. Mydin had just opened in my area and I was excited that night and I got home quite late – almost 11 pm after buying dinner. Then my mom went into the kitchen and said my kitten died?

My heart just stopped for a second.

I went to the kitchen and saw my kitten, not dead but very weak. His body was wet. I guess it was pee? So I quickly took him upstairs to dry him up with a hair dryer. He was struggling for a few minutes before he suddenly collapsed, not able to move. I took him to eat something, and he ate just a tiny bit, but his body just wasn’t responding. So then he just lay on the carpet.. I was crying, and I sat beside him for hours just watching him dying, gasping his last breaths.

It shattered my heart in million tiny bits. I can’t even describe how I felt.

I didn’t even get to eat my dinner. I was too depressed so I just went to bed, woke up the next day and was just completely heartbroken. It was around June last year when my kitten Kentoi died unexpectedly (killed). Hmmph.

Then I started the next day I started to get serious allergic reaction. I couldn’t stop sneezing and my nose was runny and hurting like a son of a bitch. For the whole day I was sneezing and sniffing and had nose block when the next day, I felt weird. My nose hurt, I couldn’t breathe, chest pain, felt cold etc. Went to the clinic that night and doc said I had a very high fever. -__- So yeah, for the next few days I was terribly sick. Maybe I was too depressed until I got sick.

My misery did not end there.. the next day other kitten died.. the next day another one.. AND the next day ANOTHER ONE. Fuck me. 3 kittens in 3 fucking days! I was so traumatized that I felt numb. They were very skinny too but they were fine? It took them just a couple of hours to become really sick and die. Fuck.

So I’m guessing they died of malnutrition and they didn’t have strong immunization against viruses. You see.. my cat Montelle (Tia) had 4 kittens, and my outdoor cat (not mine, but I just take care of her) had 4 kittens shortly after. Somehow, my cat Tia is such a slut. She abandoned her kittens. So 4 of her kittens somehow turned to my outdoor cat for milk and because they were bigger than the other 4 kittens, those poor kittens didn’t get enough milk from their own mother because of Tia’s kittens. So they died from malnutrition and probably infections or virus resulted from that.

It was just heartbreaking. So I’ve monitoring the one kitten left for signs and I’m happy to say that he seems to be looking fine right now. At least with 4 kittens left, they’ve been getting enough milk compared to when there were 8 of them. One kitten fell down the stairs again, my heart literally stopped but he seems fine now, I really hope so.

Even though I was too depressed from all of that, I am thankful to God for letting me share my time getting to know Baby Tia and the other 3 kittens. Baby Tia fell down the stairs and I thought he would die but he lived, so I’m thankful that I had time to get to know him and to love him. He’s up in kitty heaven now with my other cats and out of his whatever pain and misery he had before. RIP Baby Tia & kittens.

I also found out my hamsters had babies! WTF. I specifically asked them to give me 2 males so WTF. However they ate all of the babies and now there’s only one left. But still!