My Bunk Bed Dream

April 23, 2012 at 12:54 AM

I’ve always wished for a bunk bed.. like this traditional, normal looking wooden bunk bed. Why? Because I think it’s very cool. I’d always want to choose the top bunk. But I despise bunk beds that are at dorms, like school dorm. That ones suck.

But I wish my childhood was awesome enough to have this kind of bunk bed…

Too bad I don’t have any other sibling to share a bunk bed with. So since I’m an only child, I wanted to have a loft bed instead!

A single loft bed where you can have your workstation below.. not only it looks and feels cool but it also saves a lot of space.

I would so totally love this.

Or just have a totally cool area to chill.. and this one even has a curtain. I want my room to be like this! It just screams pure awesomeness.

Bunk beds are cool.

Sorry, just some randomness. I haven’t been in the mood to blog much lately. All I’ve been doing is just procrastinate and then single karaoke online. I think I’ve seriously been wasting my life away. How awesome is that. Well I so need a shower now.. it’s so hot but it’s like 1 am. I should sleep early and wake up early. Lately I’ve been screwing up my sleeping pattern and it’s not doing any good to my health and skin. Blergh.