Proton Prevé – Seriously??

April 18, 2012 at 4:27 AM

So Monday night we saw the launching of the new Proton car. Finally we get to see the car after being teased months after months. My first reaction was ‘SERIOUSLY’?

It’s called – Proton Prevé. SERIOUSLY? “Prevé“???

The car looks alright – I mean typical proton look. Nothing new. Nothing to ‘wow’ about. But the thing that I wanna touch is the name itself. Proton Prevé??

Seriously, who thought up that name? Am I the only one who thinks the name is such an epic fail? That the name is the UGLIEST sounding name for a car? All of Proton cars before this had nice sounding name – Perdana, Persona, Savvy, Satria, Saga, Inspira.. what the hell happened? Prevé??

They said the name Prevé comes from the word ‘preeve’ which means to prove. Or in Spanish it means ‘to envision’.

I DESPISE the name. I seriously do. It’s just not suitable as a car’s name in my opinion. That’s just sad.

Interior wise.. it’s bland and boring. Even with all the cool gadgets and features like push button start, GPS, wifi in car etc but why do they have to make it look so bland and ugly?

Who is this meant for? 50 year old and above? It looks so ..retro. I don’t like it but if you do, that’s cool. Maybe because I’m a girl and I prefer a nicer looking interior. Maybe that’s why I hate cars like Mercedes and BMW. They have ugly boring interior as if it’s meant for 50 year old dudes and above only.

The only compensation would be the cool features they added in. I LOVE push start button. As a girl with a bag full of junks, digging for keys out from the bag every time is so troublesome.