The Massive Flash Flood in KL & My House in Ipoh

March 13, 2012 at 1:38 AM

Last week, on Wednesday, March 7th, an unexpected MASSIVE flash flood occurred in Kuala Lumpur. It was quite shocking as it was so bad. I mean, look at the picture above. The water already ‘swallowed’ half of the cars and the water level was at your waist. That’s DEEP.

I pity those affected badly. Of course, the cars would be screwed. Then there were houses that got affected with the flash flood. And I thought my place was bad! Yes, I was affected too in my hometown in Ipoh on that very same day, same time.

You see, it was around 4 pm and I had to go out to buy stuff for my class the next day so I was rushing. While I was at the shop, it started to rain HEAVILY. I didn’t think my place would get flooded because I was gone for like an hour, and then on my way home the rain had already stopped… boy was I so wrong.

As you can see here, cars couldn’t get through. My next door neighbor is a daycare/kindergarten/nursery so it was time for the parents to pick up their kids. So the teachers/staff had to walked through the water that was knee high carrying the kid for the parents waiting like 5 houses down. Main road was completely flooded.

I actually pity them for having to send each kid to the parents in the icky dirty water everytime our place is flooded. Oh trust me, it happens quite often recently which is quite scary. I had to park my car at the end there where the water level is low so the water don’t get into my engine.

This is the view from where I parked the car.. like 4-5 houses away from my house. You can see opposite the main road they’re doing construction for new shoplots and bungalows. Plus they were doing something to the drainage system. It was probably the cause of the water level rising really fast that day. I hope it’s fixed now.

When flash flood happens, it scares the crap out of me. Last time it happened, it was 3 am, and my area and the neighborhood area had the first massive flash flood this year. At 3 fricken AM. For the first time, the water flooded my kitchen in 5 minutes. At that time some stray kittens were in the kitchen so luckily I was checking on them before I was gonna go to bed. Did an emergency rescue.

The first massive flash flood at my place was on January 2011 like in the picture below.

I had a hell time cleaning the place. And what’s worst, that day, we just hired a day maid to clean the house. I was so pissed off. Her work was wasted on that very same day while she was still in the house. Urgh.

Poor kittens.