Carnival @ RTC (Rural Transformation Centre) Gopeng, Perak

March 11, 2012 at 2:17 PM

This was supposed to be written like 3 weeks ago? But I never got around to do it. This was on 16th-19th February 2012 held at RTC (Rural Transformation Centre) in Gopeng. This was actually a carnival, a launch and job fair. My mom and uncle has been bugging me to go and see what kind of jobs they have there. We only found out about this on Saturday morning and I didn’t wanna go on that day so we decided to go on Sunday.

We went at 4 pm and turns out the whole carnival thing ends at 5 pm. Bleh. So basically when we arrived, mostly have closed down or packing to go back. Only the stalls were still selling stuff. Now this place is all about small entrepreneur, like a development center for small entrepreneurs so all those people selling stuff there were small entrepreneurs.

Click more below to continue reading this. Gotta put a cut since it’s quite long and picture heavy.

There were a lot of cars so it was really hard to find parking. Luckily I asked my uncle to find parking inside because if he parked outside like he initially wanted to, we’d have a LONG WAY to walk. Plus it was drizzling anyway.

The first sight I saw after my uncle parked the car is this! GOATS!


Now having to have lived in the city all my life, this is the kind of sight I never had the chance to see. I would only see them either on TV or when I pass by them. So to see goats up close is quite cool.

Even though it was almost closing time, but there were still a lot of people checking out the stalls. They were a lot of sellers selling stuff like food, drinks, cookies, and decoration/arts.

I was only eyeing on the food because I was hungry. Burgers, cupcakes… mmmm

We checked out some of the stalls/booths inside. They were interesting different kind of booths there which I didn’t care about. I saw my company’s booth and didn’t expect them there. Didn’t expect to see my colleagues either and I looked like shit. :\ That was embarrassing.

There wasn’t much to see. The job fair was already closed down. Some booths/stalls have already closed down so I wanted to go home.

But we stopped to see this ‘floriculture’ and edible garden for a bit.

It was a huge place with lots of flowers and plants that you can buy to plant at home. It’s just great. If I was into gardening I would buy something to plant at home but sadly I freak out when I’m under the sun for long.





That’s pretty much it. It was interesting experience. It would’ve been a lot better (and a lot more crowded) if I went on Saturday instead, when our prime minister came to officiate the launch. However most of the simple food/cookies were very expensive for non-established brand. I could make better looking and better tasting cupcakes.