Shameless Plugging

March 7, 2012 at 2:20 AM

I want to shamelessly plug my other sites because I need to go to bed and get up in 3 hours so I can’t write long post.

I have been updating my food blog more often now! Finally eh? I’ve been neglecting that site for couple of years and it’s about time that I get it back up and running. If you wanna check out all the food reviews, do check it out at SINFULLY DELICIOUS | MALAYSIAN FOOD BLOG. I have a lot more food reviews waiting to be posted but I just need some free time.


Another site is my new blogshop selling trendy fashion from Korea & Japan. Right now I have small stock but I need to get the stock out before I could add more. So please help me spread the word around and link them to STREET NEKO | FASHION FROM JAPAN, KOREA & ASIA.


I also have a cupcake blog at MY CUPCAKE WORLD. My chocolate website is not yet finished though.

Well that’s it. I have busy days coming up so I need so rest. There was a blackout earlier for 3 hours+ and it was hell. Now I have a headache because I woke up suddenly. Wish I could go to a beach and just relax.