My Baby Myvi Is Back Home From Workshop

February 25, 2012 at 7:59 AM

My baby Myvi is back home from the workshop!

Oh I miss it so much. It’s been over a month since the accident. Early last month my myvi had an accident because of a stupid taxi driver. What a great start of 2012 for me, eh?

It happened at night so you couldn’t see much in the picture. Since my myvi is back after an excruciating wait of 1 1/2 months I can finally look at this picture. Basically I wrecked the front bumper. Couldn’t open the door either. But at least my lamps/windows/windscreen didn’t break.

I finally got my car on Thursday!

Seems okay! Boy am I happy to see the sight of my car back. Looks like new now 🙂 No visible scratches that would bother me (except just tiny bit at the sides which isn’t that obvious). Only obvious and visible difference is the perodua logov in front which has a red background instead of the original black which kinda bothers me. I know I shouldn’t be bothered with small thing but it would always be a reminder that my car had an accident and I hate that. Might take a while to adjust to that. Underneath the logo is a bit different too.

I have yet to send it to perodua for a check to see if there’s anything wrong in the engine compartment. You never know they could have exchanged anything. The wait for the insurance claim was a pain in the ass. Somehow it’s ETIQA. I thought it was AmAssurance? I don’t know. Anyways. Just claiming from ETIQA Auto Insurance took a month, sending the adjuster to check out the damage took a week, waiting for the verdict took another week.. damn. It was a long, tiring process. Finally got the text message that they have authorized the workshop to repair it. Phew. My friend who has One Sure Insurance told me her experience with her claim was much more civil and hasty, makes me wonder if I should consider them.

But there’s another thing I’m glad.

They finally took that piece of junk they call a car back! It’s been sitting outside my house for 1 1/2 months. I’ve only used it once and it was like riding to hell. It was like falling apart. So it was sitting there until after a week the battery died. Finally after 1 1/2 months later they took it back and since they battery died, they had to tow it. I feel kinda bad though. I mean piece of junk or not, it was under my care and I should have taken care of it but I did call them and they didn’t do anything so not my fault.

Anyways I’m just happy my baby is back and hoping that nothing is wrong when I send it for a checkup on Monday.