Filesonic & Fileserve ‘Committed Suicide’ By Disabling Filesharing. RIP.

January 25, 2012 at 5:10 AM

I guess we all saw this coming.

Majority of file sharing sites, including one of the most popular ones which are filesonic & fileserve finally ‘committed suicide‘ in fear of the megaupload case.

Basically filesonic has disabled filesharing function, which is the main function of the whole site. Majority of the users used it for filesharing, doesn’t matter for piracy or legal use. I was hoping this site would stay alive but unfortunately they were chickens. It’s the site I paid monthly to. Yes I had the premium account. Glad I found out before my paypal automatically renews the payment on the same day so I had the chance to cancel. Oh well, it was nice knowing you filesonic. Thank you for all the downloads.

Fileserve also disabled its filesharing function. I heard some others committed suicide too, like one site banned paid users or something.. technically all these sites committed mass suicide. At least, unlike megaupload, they didn’t disable personal upload so if you had uploaded the files, you could still retrieve them and still use them for personal use. I don’t know who would.

It sucks majorly because I used these sites a lot because download from file sharing sites utilizes my connection speed to the maximum . Looks like I have to find an alternative now. But I heard megaupload is coming back. However, anonymous are still taking down websites.. hope they’ll keep going until the retards would come to their senses and stop wanting to censor internet…


…. wishful thinking.