Megaupload Taken Down & Internet Retaliate. STOP SOPA/PIPA.

January 20, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Ok WTF AMERICA?? You have crossed the line!

Megaupload, the popular and most used file sharing website has been taken down today and now internet users are pissed off. Anonymous started retaliating and gave major websites including the FBI, WMG, MPAA, RIAA etc all taken down today in the largest DDOS attack. But is that enough to make an impact? No I don’t think so unfortunately. It’s enough to make them notice but I don’t think it would make them fear to actually stop proposing SOPA & PIPA legislation.

This sucks. Internet censorship should NOT happen!

I guess this is what the end of world 2012 meant.. this is literally a move towards the end of world because if you think about it, if they censor internet, I can assume that 70% of internet will be gone. I just hope some other internet file sharing site will not be taken down because there’s one that I do pay monthly. I pity those who paid megaupload for a lifetime membership.


The attacks however are amusing. I just love it for the LULZ.