NYE 2011

January 3, 2012 at 11:12 AM

It’s the 3rd day of new year!

My NYE was so so. I didn’t go to work that day when I was supposed to so I decided to ask my friend to chill somewhere until midnight. Hey, it’s once a year so…. Anyways. She said okay and we spent our NYE ‘chillaxing’ at McDonald’s until midnight. We did get to see some fireworks from that area so it was quite nice. At least i didn’t spend my NYE sleeping like I did one time.

My Sunday and Monday were spent for work related. Oh well. What to do. I’m no longer in the mood to do my job. It’s a good job. It has potential to become something extremely good however it’s the way people work and how they treat you is what killing your mood. I didn’t think my job would have any politics or conflicts but looks like you can’t avoid it anywhere. And people wonder why I like to work from home.

I’m only doing the job temporarily as a platform for me to achieve something else.. but I hate that when I’m too kind to people and they take advantage of me. People don’t know me and how I work. I’m not slow, I like to plan strategically. In my job, people are aggressive. They don’t waste a minute. True. But what’s the point of working from 8 am till midnight but you don’t get much in return? That’s actually WASTING your time and energy. You don’t get paid either for wasting your time. I want my time well spent. People don’t get me so they look down on me. That’s not good.

Oh well. Haha this shouldn’t be the first post for 2012 but I have no other topic to post. I’m still gonna continue the 2nd part of reminiscing 2011 soon and still thinking about my new year’s resolution. Well gotta do work now. Caio.