Reminiscing 2011 Part 1

December 31, 2011 at 7:53 PM

Wow this is so gonna be a long entry. I’m gonna try to remember any memorable events or things that happened this whole year because honestly I feel that this year went by so friggin fast. It was like within a blink of my eyes. Also a lot of things happened that I didn’t blog about so I’m hoping this would sort of summarize my year as well as preserving any events that happened this year. Yes, I do check back old blog posts for memory sake.

I think I will separate this blog into a few parts. The year started out pretty good.. was hoping this would be my awesome year.. failed at that. At least I had an okay start compared to an extremely disastrous ending for year 2010. Okay, let’s start!


1. Getting an iMac.

Technically I got the iMac on 31st of December 2010 but technically I started using it on the 1st January so it counts as 2011 πŸ˜›


2. My Sorta Sucky New Year’s Eve Celebration

This was a mixed one – in between awesome and sucky. Sucky that there was no celebration but I spent it with my friend and her friends for the first time ever, bumped into a celebrity, got yelled at by a police and just had fun for one night. It was a cool experience.


3. The Worse Flood EVER!


4. My Convocation Ceremony…GRADUATION!!

This was actually the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me, my highlight of the year. I have finally graduated!! It was okay. It was fun to meet my friends again, it was a very tiring day though. I screwed up one of my pictures but oh well. At this time, this was also the time when I patched up my friendship with my ex. It was a surprise. However I didn’t get the chance to blog about my graduation. Oh well. If I remember correctly, I got sick right when I got back from KL.


5. The Worse Cat Bite EVER.

I can’t forget this… it was the worst cat bite ever because I had to get an injection for it and it was hell. I couldn’t sleep properly, my arm hurts like hell all because of my kitten (who is now living with me). She wouldn’t come out from my neighbor’s house and I was scared she would go missing like her sibling. Unfortunately her brother (who is now my outside cat) was sort of scared to be held so he bit me bad… The injury wasn’t much, the blood wasn’t much but the pain was UNBEARABLE!


6. Adopted Montelle

I officially adopted Montelle into our family!



My birthday month. February was quite okay for me. For the first time I traveled to Kuala Lumpur alone by ETS train! It was quite an interesting journey. I can’t remember much about this month though.. hmmm.

1. Steamboat With Friends.

I had friends for a very short while before some friendship turned sour and dramas unfold. It was fun while it lasted. I went for a steamboat with them and got a bit of food poisoning afterwards.


2. My Birthday

I had a modest birthday but I was very touched that some people took the time to plan it out. Didn’t think anyone would wanna celebrate my birthday. And I got a nice bear as a gift! Unfortunately there were stuff happening which ruined the birthday but still, it was a nice thought. Thank you πŸ™‚ I really appreciate everything. I absolutely LOVED my birthday present! They couldn’t enjoy the cupcakes as they had to leave early so I had all the cupcakes to myself! Mwaha.

That’s all I could remember for February. There isn’t much. I just spent this time hanging out. Again, it was fun while it lasted.



This is the time when my life started to go downhill. Thought I’d have a career but no. Depression hits. A fucking huge Tsunami hits Japan that shocked the whole world and I had the opportunity to watch the live telecast as it happened. My cat Jojo got sick but thank God (and I really mean it) that she got better! Elizabeth Taylor passed away. My beloved laptop got pee’d on by my cat thus creating dead pixel and is now completely useless. And well, that’s all I could remember and dug up. No pictures to post for this month.



Ahhh April! Things started to get a way better apart from some friendship drama going on. I’d say this is the 2nd favorite month of mine πŸ˜€ So much things happened in this month! It’s my most memorable month of this year.

1. Saw Mila AF3 (Malaysian Singer)


2. Celebrated Hansel’s Birthday

Managed to celebrate his birthday with some other people. It was quite a memorable night also.


3. Had The Worst & Most Excruciating Stomach Pain EVER

Due to errr… girl problem. I really thought I was dying because the pain was so unbearable and excruciating. I was also losing buckets, and I mean BUCKETS of blood.



I bought a new Acer Aspire Timeline X laptop at PC Fair that cost me RM2.5k. It was to replace my laptop that got pee’d on and having dead pixels now. πŸ™ I was one of the few who managed to buy this laptop just right after its launch. It was selling like hotcakes.


5. Major House Renovation

My house had semi major renovation this year. New roof, my dry and wet kitchen had a complete makeover, and my bathroom had a complete makeover too.. and my room also is repainted and my closet is rebuilt…then a little bit here and there, plus new paint.. and new furniture… phew. It was quite hell yet fun. I had to wake up at 8 am every morning, having people drilling the house, all the dust and mess … PHEW.


6. My First Insurance/Takaful

Bought my first takaful protection which later kind of changed the course of my life at Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia. Long story.



I traded in my cousin’s Perodua Kancil for a brand new Myvi! It’s the limited edition pink Myvi that I love so much. And I remember picking up the car on a Friday morning on the day of the royal wedding πŸ˜€


8. The Royal Wedding



Hmm I can’t remember much about May because that’s when my house renovation was just finishing up and we were very busy with the cleaning up and everything. Also this is the month where I started to become obsessed with ordering DVDs from Amazon. I will dedicated a whole new entry for that. However there are a few things that’s worth mentioning.


1. Mother’s Day

I took mom to pizza hut for mother’s day dinner and it was a HORRIBLE experience. Food were late, and mine was barely cooked.. urgh it was a disaster but I did buy mom a gold bangle πŸ˜€ And some gold necklace and earrings for myself.



My outdoor cat gave birth to a new batch of litter πŸ˜€ Orenji, BonBon and Bobo.


3. The McDonald’s Coke Can Glass Collection

Ahh.. I remember that this is the time when I was crazy with collecting the coke glass! This is the cause of my instant weight gain πŸ™ And later on my cat would break on of the extra glasses.. but I still have a complete collection ;D


Β 4. Learned How To Make Chocolates

I went to a class where I learned how to make chocolates! Yummy.


That’s pretty much it. The first 5 months of my 2011 that’s worth mentioning. The rest of the year will be continued maybe tomorrow. I have training class and work to do tomorrow. Bleh. Oh well. Last but not least,


Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012!
I pray 2012 will be a lot better for me, and I hope I achieve more that I can be proud next year compared to this year.

I need to think of my new year’s resolution later.