The End of 2011

December 30, 2011 at 2:12 AM

Where the hell did my 2011 go?!

So far I haven’t done anything spectacular that I can be proud of, except that I had my convocation early this year which is the only memorable thing this year… oh yeah, and also getting my new cars 😀 And one other thing that I can’t mention here. Overall it’s just a mediocre year. I didn’t have any memorable events happening this year apart from winning a couple of stuff.

I have also been too busy this year that I barely had time to blog. I had so much stuff that I wanted to blog about but never had the chance to write about. Before the year ends, I will take some time to write a few more blog posts reminiscing my 2011 and my new year’s resolution. it’s gonna be LONG. I need to dig up some old stuff and remember my 2011 timeline. Right now I’m getting too sleepy so goodnight.

Oh man, feels like my 2011 ended way too fast.