New haircut!

November 11, 2011 at 12:45 AM

I have a new haircut!

Oh God my head feels so light now.. feels like I just got rid half of burden on my head. I cut a lot cuz my hair was so long, down until almost touching my butt.. now it’s only just a couple of inches below shoulder. I finally had time to straighten my hair too because my plan changed today. I was getting so tired and so sick of my long, tangled, frizzy & very dry hair.

I also got 2 lip balms that has the smell of tutti frutti and bubble gum which I loved so much that I couldn’t resist to get them. I wanted to buy new eyeliner and mascara but I’m so broke right now…

I’ve been so busy lately. I don’t even have time for myself anymore. I have so many DVDs I haven’t even watched yet that I bought from amazon.. so many blog posts I haven’t posted yet.. so many things I’ve neglected and delayed. I just hope all the things I’m doing right now will be worth it soon. I have a very busy weekend too.. ick.

I am going to do something now. Blog again soon. Toodles.