Another Quick Post For The Sake of Posting

October 21, 2011 at 2:15 AM

I just wanna make this quick. I have to go back to studying. Yup, studying. I have exam this Saturday. Nah, no need to write what kind of exam but yeah, I’m pretty nervous about it. i have like a day and 1/2 to study so I’m gonna spend tonight studying. I tried spending my day earlier to study but what did I end up doing? I feel asleep wtf. I fell asleep at 4 pm and woke up at 1 am. Well at least I’ll be awake all night to do my studying. I prefer studying at night because it’s more peaceful.

I made cupcakes couple of days earlier, and it was my first experiment. I’ll post a picture later. It turned out okay. Not bad actually. So that lifted from my depression a bit. I am still depressed from all the pressure I’m getting but what can I do. That’s life. Still wondering if I need to get a job.. just temporarily until I can get some shit together. I need to save money. I aim to buy a house in KL in few years time.. I just can’t stand my stupid apartment and homes for rent are way too expensive.. might as well buy your own and pay to the bank right? Rather than pay to the owner. But to afford it I’d need to work like nobody’s business. Wish I can get a rich husband. All problems solved. Haha. Just kidding. (Not really).

Anyways. Gotta get back to studying. Ciao.