Crazy Weather, Crazy Depression

October 18, 2011 at 10:26 AM

I hate it when I went to bed very late like at 5 am only to wake up 2 hours later. It sucks. It makes me sleepy later in the day and I have no mood to do anything.

I’ve been so very depressed lately. Mostly because I’ve been getting a lot of pressure from people I guess. Plus the weather has been crazy hot lately. Gosh. You can’t even be outside for 30 seconds without feeling like you’re being burned alive and I’m not exaggerating. What’s up with the crazy sun? Because of that each time I have to go out I’d end up having headache/migraine and each time I don’t have to go out I’d feel completely lazy and sleepy and I’ve been spending this past few days just sleeping. WTF.

However one thing to look forward to is – HALLOWEEN. Yes it’s the month of October so Halloween is coming up! No, being the pathetic person that I am, I have nowhere to go on Halloween and nowhere to party at. So I’ll just continue doing what I do every year for the past I don’t know how many years.. have a horror movie marathon!

i’m not sure what movies are good to watch this year. Horror movies suck nowadays. I’d have to hunt for some good horror movies to watch this Halloween. Before I go, I leave you with a picture of an AWESOME super realistic mad makeup effect skillz and totally gory looking for Halloween. Because it’s too gory, I’ll leave it hidden.

Utv power steering.. I love power steering. Totally random but speaking of power steering I still remember how much it sucked driving without power steering.