The Tooth of Wisdom

September 28, 2011 at 2:31 AM

I think it’s about time I get my wisdom tooth on the right side of my mouth extracted.
But I’m scared of pain. I’m scared that it’ll damage the nerve as it’s an impacted tooth.
My dentist told me years ago that if it doesn’t bother me, I shouldn’t bother it. If I need to get it out, I’d need to be referred to the pro.

That scared the crap out of me.

One thing about going to the specialist is that, it will cost money. Don’t talk to me about government dental clinic because they don’t give a damn about your pain and all they wanna do is just extract that damn thing and be done with it. I’m still traumatized remembering mom’s teeth that she extracted when I was young. She pulled quite a few of her teeth and her gum wouldn’t stop bleeding for days. Then I saw my maid got her tooth extracted. It wouldn’t stop bleeding either! She was in so much pain.

I don’t have money to go to specialist. There’s one specialist in KL that I wanna go to. I don’t have any dental plan either that could help. This bites. Last month I found that my wisdom tooth is rotting or something. If I don’t act fast, I’m scared it will do a bigger damage to the other molar if it hasn’t already done some damage. I just need to find some time to go to KL for a checkup and see what the dentist said.