Macaron oh Macaron!

July 29, 2011 at 8:33 AM

I am in KL/PJ now. Haven’t been back here for months. Yesterday was hell because I drove from 8 am straight from my hometown in Ipoh to Melaka and reached at about 12 pm or so. It was the first time going long distance with my new Kia Forte car and boy, it was awesome compared to my tiny Kancil that served me loyally for 5+ years. The best thing was the ‘auto cruise’ feature that allows the car to move on itself without me having to keep my feet pressing the pedal. I didn’t think that feature is such a big deal but trust me, if you’re like me, it IS! I’m glad I chose Kia Forte 2.0 which has that feature. Because of that, my legs weren’t tired.

In Melaka, we visited my uncle’s friend, talked in her extreme hot house, then went cruising in Melaka. It was very tiring but I did get to buy lots of chocolate moulds! I went crazy. I can go back home and go crazy making chocolates. Then drove back to PJ and missed an exit and got stuck in massive traffic jam! I reached my apartment at 8 pm only to find out that there was no electricity and water, wtf. So had to find hotel room and luckily we found one 😀

Last night when I was looking for bread, I found this! –


Ok, so it’s the current craze.. these sweet french cookie is so awesome! They got such nice ‘feet’ on the macaron.. I tried to make them but it was such an epic fail but I will not give up. Today I’m hunting for more.. I know cupcake chic sells them now so I’m gonna go crazy and buy them and get some cupcakes as well.

After that I’m gonna go to KLCC and hunt for some.. would be super expensive though. I have no time to go anywhere else though 🙁 I’m probably gonna spend a long time at Kinokuniya. Then back to Ipoh. Alright gonna go get ready now.