is EVIL :(

May 30, 2011 at 9:47 PM


I declare Amazon to be very evil.

It seduced me with its discounts.


In my previous post, I mentioned that I bought like 7 DVDs.. that includes the box set which technically contains 8 seasons, so that’s like 14 DVDs in a day! My record. And I thought it would end there but somehow I couldn’t stop browsing amazon.. it’s like calling to me.. and to see all the cheap discounts compared to 2005 it made me go crazy wide-eyed hysterical.

So I bought more πŸ™

Here are some of new DVDs I bought:


This was a spontaneous decision. I miss the show πŸ™ It was hilarious. I wish they would release the rest of the seasons. I didn’t think of ordering this at first but when I saw the 66% discount and it’s quite cheap now so I had to get it. Apparently majority of TV series DVD are below 20 bucks now which makes me go crazy @_@



FAWLTY TOWERS $49.98 $23.99

This has got to be one of the best shows of all time. So fucking hilarious. John cleese is legend. I already have a bootleg copy of this but for the commentary and extra features, I’m willing to buy the original. Plus, it has 52% off! Half the price so must get.




Damon Wayans is one hilarious guy! I’d love to have Michael (his character) to be my dad, haha. I love this show.. wish they’d release more seasons. But thank God I ordered just in time before amazon ran out of stock and instead being sold by 3rd party seller now.. which can’t ship both season 1 and 2 to outside of the US. FUHH. I’m so happy.




Must get the second season too because it has 43% discount…




“Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?”
Who could forget the late Gary Coleman and his infamous line? Haha. I never got the chance to watch this when it was on TV so I wanna watch it now. It’s cheap anyways.




Steve Urkel annoys me to hell but that’s what make him so hilarious haha. I remember watching him when I was a kid but I didn’t watch the whole season so since it’s also cheap now I decided to buy it.



THAT THING YOU DO! $19.98 $15.99

I actually added this the last minute. I LOOOOOOVE this movie. I’ve been looking for this for ages since my vhs tape can’t be played anymore cuz my vhs player is broken. When I saw this has the extended cut PLUS all the bonus features, I decided to get it. I can’t help myself.


Well, that’s what I bought yesterday/today. Argh. I gotta stop buying these damn DVDs. My mom is so gonna kill me when they arrives.. that’s like.. 21 DVDs in a week.. WTF. OH EM GEE. That’s gotta be my new record. Anyways. I can’t wait for these DVDs to arrive. I hope they arrives in good condition. I’ve been having a lot of troubles with so I hope no defective DVD or something. For this order I opted for priority shipping so it’ll arrive most probably in 4-6 days πŸ˜€

You can tell I’m one classic TV sitcom freak XD