Amazon, It Has Been So Long…

May 25, 2011 at 10:42 PM

Ahhhh… it’s been a while…

The last time I ordered anything from Amazon was in November and December of 2006. I want a lot of DVDs but I have no money to get them. However yesterday morning i was just browsing amazon’s website and was surprised to find that the DVD that I want is quite cheap!



Home Improvement has been one of my favorite all time tv shows since I was a kid. It’s the type of sitcoms from the 90s that I could never get bored of and you could never get this kind of comedy nowadays. I’ve been eyeing on this anniversary set since before its release (May 10th, 2011) and boy was I surprised when I looked at the price yesterday morning.

The original price is $129.99 but there was a $40 discount so it was $89.99!  I thought that was already a good deal considering buying all seasons individually would cost almost or over $200…but that’s not just it! Turns out amazon is giving ANOTHER $20 discount so technically it was just $69.99! Fuck, that was so cheap for 8 seasons! In 2006, I bought season 3 at $31.99 but now it’s $21.99 and season 5 at $30.99 when now it’s just $23.99.. grrr.

After conversion to my currency, the set cost RM214 instead of RM398.. if I buy individually would prolly cost RM500 – RM600…

So without any hesitation, I bought it with the thought that I can pay back when I get my pay… turns out I won’t get any because of some previous system error in payment… they paid me extra so now they’re retracting the extra amount paid which would be what I would receive this month pfffffft. All I have now would be debt in my credit card, fuck.

After ordering that, I was browsing a bit more and found out some DVDs are cheap as well! Argh. I hate discounts… so I had to get them :\ I got –

Growing Pains 😀

I actually have not seen this show.. the reason why I bought it because I’ve always wanted to watch the show since I was a big fan of Kirk Cameron. Original price $27.98 but it’s now $12.49 … that’s 55% discount :D!



Ok who doesn’t know ‘I love Lucy’ show..

I actually have yet to see it :\ It was probably on tv when I was young but I can’t remember a thing. So since the first & second seasons are both priced at $12.49 instead of $22.99 so I thought I’d get them too.. I LOVE Lucille Ball.. I find her hilarious from ‘The Lucy Show‘ which I want to get later, hopefully. Maybe in my next order.

Okay, I actually had a lot of problems with the order. I wanted to order something that’s not from amazon but fulfilled by them. Apparently I can’t choose expedited or priority shipping method if I order something not sold by amazon. Thanks for not letting me know that! I talked to the customer rep through online chat and boy did she fucking piss me off. She was stupid but at least she was nice.

After realizing that, I deleted one order from another seller and contacted the customer rep again and this time the rep was smart but quite rude. Rude as in he (I’ll assume it was a he) was rushing me.. Wouldn’t even wait 20 seconds for me to type my questions, didn’t even ask if there was anything else I wanted to ask and just said goodbye.. wtf. HOW RUDE. However, he did change to priority shipping even though my order was already in shipping process.. turns out I’d need like $120+ just for shipping alone! WTF. No way.

So I changed to expedited… it was like $70.. but would take 2 weeks+ to arrive 🙁 I hate that. I always use priority but maybe my Home Improvement DVDs are too heavy. But then I received an email (because I also emailed them about changing shipping) and they changed my shipping back to priority argh. But told them to change back to expedited. So my items have been shipped 😀 Can’t wait.. it better not arrive ruined.

Apart from these above, I also ordered (separate shipment):

Sweet Valley High First Season DVD! OMG I’ve been wanting this for years since it was first released in March 2005.. but at that time it was priced at almost $25 I think, which was too expensive for me.. (or was it more?) But now it’s just $14.95 so just HAD to buy it. It’s part of my childhood. I was a huge fan of the sweet valley series.. I would read the book every night before sleep. However this was not sold by amazon and was the cause of my shipment problem.

Richie Rich! Gotta love Macaulay Culkin in this. I thought I’d get this because it’s just $4.99 from the original $14.98. Thought it’s quite a bargain. I could prolly get it at the same price or cheaper here but what the hell.

Dennis The Menace! I just loooove the kid. He’s so cute but annoying hehe This one is $4.99 too so I thought what the hell.

These 3 DVDs would prolly arrive like in a month or so because of the standard shipping.. I hope it’ll arrive in one piece.. :\