Etiqa Takaful

May 19, 2011 at 11:16 PM

I registered for this insurance called Etiqa Takaful back at the MSAM. I just received the policy couple of days ago. Anyone knows about it? I’m quite confused by it. I have no insurance so technically this one is okay – I get some return in 3 years apart from the normal accident, disability insurance, yada yada…

However there’s this guy from another part of Takaful that keeps bothering me asking me to cancel this and join his plan – which is insurance for women only… which covers a lot of things that other insurance don’t cover including maternity leave money.. it sounds good but the thing is, I get no return and I can’t afford investing now..

Anybody knows anything on Etiqa Takaful and Takaful Iklas for women?

How do I say no when this guy keeps pushing and pushing? The thing I’m bad at is saying no to someone.