Minggu Saham Amanah (MSAM) 2011 PART 2

May 5, 2011 at 11:43 AM

I wanted to post this part two last week but so much things happening that I had to delay.

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I didn’t wanna go on the last day of MSAM but I wanted to register for something so I had to and went in the morning. I met with the people I promised to meet and I just sat there from 1 pm till 2.30 pm just chatting. They blocked one side of the road already since the deputy prime minister and education minister, Tan Sri Dato’Haji Muhyiddin Yassin will be coming for the closing.


i just took some more pictures of stuff I already saw and posted in PART 1.






NOW… this part at Takaful Ikhlas, there was this one guy who kept pushing for the insurance for women… and they kept pushing and pushing so that I’d register but I didn’t have anymore money but I just sat there for another 2 hours to chat haha. I wanted to go back before the deputy prime minister comes but looks like I ended up staying anyway.




These guys were playing sorta like arabian tunes.. felt like I was in some arabic country.



Around 3-ish all the staffs lined up at the sides to greet the deputy prime minister. I joined them too cuz I wanted to see haha.





He was the one who kept pushing the insurance to me.. but I just stayed there and chatted with him to kill time. There was another guy but he didn’t look too friendly.



I got this from the first insurance I registered and when the guy above saw it, he gave me one too! (the green one).. also he gave me his share of cookies haha…aww how nice 😀 I was starving at that time. I still have the cookies right now. Haven’t eaten it yet.



And the D.P.M came and there were obviously lots of photographers, cameramen and VIPs.





BUT DAMNIT when he was in front of me he fricken turned his head to the other side wtf.. so all I could capture was the back of his head …darn it.





It became extremely crowded for a while. There were lots of VIPs and I don’t know who following the D.P.M behind him. I thought it was gonna be something fancy, since ti was the closing but no, the D.P.M just passed us and made a tour of the whole area and that’s it, What a waste of time. So after that I left and took some more pictures and hunted for food.






These girls were so cute playing with the Malaysian traditional game called ‘Congkak’. If you wanna know what it is, google it yourself, lol.




Some places gave us stuff like bags and pens. Stopped by at central  bank of Malaysia booth too look at the display of malaysian currency.. they displayed old and new notes and it was so interesting to see the design of our money back then.. they were huge! And there were also notes that has been long discontinued that I’ve never seen before.




This has got to be the laziest mascot haha. He was just sitting there, with his head down looking a bit depressed handing out papers… it was quite funny actually until a guy asked him to get his ass up and hand out the papers properly lol. Maybe because he was tired.. by this time it was already about 4.30 pm and on the last day they closed at 5 pm instead of 10 pm.

I registered for a savings account and got an umbrella, a pen, an alarm clock and I was supposed to get a bag but they ran out!



But then I found pizza hunt booth! They had just less than 5 boxes of hawaiian chicken personal pizza so I bought it for 9 bucks inclusive of garlic bread cuz I was starving.



The next booth sold hotdogs and surprisingly there was a lot of people queuing there.




The last part they gave free MSAM bag when you couldn’t get them before because you need to collect stamps from booths. So that marks the end of my MSAM tour and MSAM week. It was very interesting. Now I need to rest a bit because I’m going out later. I also have a lot more blogs to post later today but right now I’m too sleepy.