Untitled Emo Post

April 20, 2011 at 12:54 PM

Everyday I keep trying to convince myself my life in Ipoh will change, and I’d be happy here. I’m just bullshitting myself. Truth is there hasn’t been a single day since I came back June 2010 that has been happy, good or worth thinking about. My life in Ipoh is pure shit. It’s a fucking boring town. Nothing ever happens here. The people here are fucking boring & lame. There’s just too much drama around that drives me insane.Too much problems in life that drives me insane. I’m already at the edge now. You may say, oh no, not another lame emo post of me whining and whining.. well fuck you, ktnxbye.

I keep saying I wanna go back to KL. I miss the busy city life. I miss doing all the things I did. My life wouldn’t be such a bore in KL. But it’s easier said than done. There’s so much things I have to consider if I go back.. just the same as there was so much consideration and sacrifice when I decided to come back to Ipoh. But the people here in Ipoh are driving my up the wall, seriously. I’m being general, not pointing at anyone specifically.

This past one week I’ve been sick. Terribly sick to the point that I thought I was gonna die. If you follow my FB and Twitter updates then you know… no one but myself knows how serious the problem is. People just think oh it’s normal, but no, it wasn’t. Well. I’m just gonna disappear into oblivion now. Don’t wanna care about anyone’s crap anymore, not even gonna care about mine. I’m just gonna ignore everything, and won’t give a shit anymore. I’m tired of not getting any credit that I deserve.