I Hate Salesman

April 2, 2011 at 1:26 AM

I hate salesman.

I was ‘forced’ into buying this expensive stove because they kept pushing. Well the thing is, I arguing too much until I got cheaper deal than expected, but still very expensive. But the thing is, instead of the original ‘buttoned’ stove, they upgraded me to two stove touchscreen, but somehow when I kept nagging for them to lower the price, they made a different offer for a different 3 stove which is better.. but somehow I managed to ‘trick’ them into giving me everything they offered me in the first place but with better deal and cheaper than the original deal, haha.

But I don’t know if it was all worth it again. I hate unexpected spending.

Then somehow the lady said all this crap about I’m being their 40th customer, and got 40% discount for any other product.. AS IF I didn’t know their trick. I wanted a dehumidifier but I needed time to research about it, and think it through.. they said I could put just put my order in writing… but then they asked me to put deposit in.. urgh. So clever. If I put deposit in, means I have to either take that, or take something else or lose my deposit. So I decided not to fall into their ‘death trap’ which they’ve so brilliantly planned and acted out.. they deserved an oscar.

But I did buy the stove, cuz I’ve wanted it so bad for years…and we got this 15 pieces of cookware which I want.. and a pressure cooker which is something mom always wanted..plus membership card free (if not it’s 500 bucks wtf) so I guess it’s alright. Mom did buy their microwave like more than a decade ago and expensive as it was, I can’t deny it still lasted until today… not in perfect condition, but still working okay. So it was worth it, even though they tried to trick you into buying more of their stuff costing thousands of dollars.

I unfortunately can’t mention the brand name because I don’t want to do free advertising for them.