My Poor Laptop

March 29, 2011 at 1:36 AM

Unfortunately, due to my own negligence, my Acer laptop has dead pixels and burns now. Reason? My cat pee’d on it. My laptop has been really nice to me, without any problem for 3+ years 🙁 Once, couple of years ago Nikko pee’d on my 22 inch monitor and unfortunately resulted in a patch of black that started small and eventually grew big. That’s what happening to my laptop now. My stupid FEMALE cat ‘sprayed’ my laptop and today I see the small black patch at the bottom. If it doesn’t grow I’m fine, but if it does, gah. Maybe I will try to take it Acer service center and see if something can be done but if it’s gonna be expensive then no thanks.

Which brings me to another thing. This little problem opened up an opportunity for me to get a new laptop.. haha. Now I have a reason to tell mom that this little burn patch will get in my way. Plus I’ve always wanted a smaller, lighter notebook/netbook anyway. It’s not for heavy usage, just a little bit of photoshop and web browsing, that’s all. Luckily, I have RM1k in my paypal saving, and I can probably ask mom to help me add additional RM1k-ish to get a notebook/netbook that I can actually carry around. The thing with netbooks is that it doesn’t have much power. I can just use it for light web browsing. I want a touchscreen or tablet. If macbook pro wasn’t so expensive, I wouldn’t have to stress myself. Well, I’m still gonna get a macbook but soon, just not now. So far, people have been suggesting me Acer notebooks.

Now the thing is, Acer is awesome. Despite what people say, my Acer didn’t have much problems for 3+ years, and it still runs smoothly. It’s just the design for my Aspire 5920G that has been a problem to me. The place where the heat comes out is at the wrong place and it melted the surface around it. Plus it’s EXTREMELY HEAVY. I don’t mind getting an Acer netbooks/notebooks if I won’t have the heat problem. They have the best specs with affordable price. I just need a 13 inch (or lesser) with good spec, can run photoshop, light and affordable.

PC Fair is coming up in 2 weeks ;D