Yada Yada

March 3, 2011 at 12:44 PM

I’ve been really busy lately. Well, if I’m not busy with my projects, I’ll be busy with playing games. Haha. I’ve been really addicted to Civilization V, and I’ve just downloaded and installed The Sims 3 and all of its expansion packs. Oh man, I love having Windows on my iMac… now I can play windows games. The Sims 3 is so much better on bigger screen, and on a comp with good spec. Somehow I still find the lag but it can be ignored.

I’m all alone at Coffee Bean right now. Waiting for my friend to come here. So while waiting, I decided to blog. I still haven’t posted my pictures and stuff. Gah I need to find time to do that. I don’t plan on installing ph.otoshop CS5 on my windows’ imac because I already have the mac version for it. It’ll just waste my limited space in my windows partition. But I hate rebooting to mac then to windows again then back to mac so that’s why I’ve been delaying stuff. The time when I’m on my mac OS, I’d be doing my projects. So yeah.

I want a new car. Seriously. My current car is just a piece of junk on the road. The radio’s not working, sometimes the window doesn’t either and well, I don’t feel comfortable driving it. As my friend said, and I quote, “microscopic car”, haha, and it does feel like one. Try driving it next to a huge vehicle.. you’ll feel it wobbles. I so wish I can get my dream car but I can’t afford to pay RM1k+ a month unless I don’t spend on anything else which I cannot do. Can we get the cheapest car insurance quotes? Right now I’m eyeing for a cheaper car hoping that I could get it one day. It’s a bit hard for a freelance designer to get loan because we don’t have a fixed monthly income. If we don’t have any job, means we’d get zero dollars. 🙁

Wow I’m babbling. So I’m gonna stop now. Later.