My Birthday

February 26, 2011 at 2:12 AM

It’s still my birthday in some parts of the world so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

There was nothing special on my birthday. I woke up, went out with mom, bought stuff for my cats, met this interesting talkative and friendly girl at the bank, and ordered Domino’s pizza as birthday dinner and invited my uncle to come. I did receive quite a number of birthday wishes compared to last year so I’m happy 🙂 Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I didn’t wanna really celebrate because it would just remind me that I’m getting old. Before I know it, I’m gonna be in my 30s, then 40s, then 50s.. and if I’m lucky enough 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s… (lol). I hate getting old. Getting old means your priorities change, you can’t have much fun, you stress all the time, your health will go bad, your young/good looks disappear, hair turn grey, eyesight go bad..wrinkly skin… ick.

I haven’t posted a blog post for about 10 days now and there’s a lot I need to blog about. I keep saying I’m gonna post them but I never got around to it. Well I’ll try to post more today. Well I’m gonna watch Glee’s Rocky Horror episode which is showing on TV right now then I’ll go to bed. Before I go, guess what?

I have Windows 7 on my iMac now! Yay. Finally. t3h aw3som3n3ss.

I wanted to install it ages ago but I keep hesitating but now I’m glad I finally did it. I can play windows games now. Civilization V is so much better and smoother now 😀