Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2011 at 1:13 AM

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So as usual this year, I’m celebrating it alone hehe. Nah, it’s okay.. I’m actually happy being single at the moment. My priority is to get my career started, THEN only I can be bothered with relationship. Well as with most ‘celebrations’, this time the florist, gift shop and greeting cards company will be cashing in lots of money.. ka-ching!  So what are you getting for your gf or bf?

I had a great night tonight with my friends.. had sorta like a pizza party (Domino’s FTW!) and a movie night with a little bit of youtubing after. Well there is a saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine’. I’ve been some sort of a crazed workaholic this week working on my projects, with more than 15 hours of nonstop work everyday. So it felt good to just chill for a bit and relax. Actually I was a bit reluctant tonight cuz I only had 2 hours sleep.. but we watched ‘Grown Ups’ and it was quite good. There are some quite hilarious and well— disturbing scenes haha. So to temporarily forget about your stress, watch a funny movie.

I’ve also been watching Russell Peters and downloading his videos this past 2 days. He’s fucking hilarious man.

I need to go to KL to pick up my books at kinokuniya either tomorrow or tuesday but tuesday is public holiday so….. oh gosh, I wanted to continue my work after this post but I’m literally bobbing my head up and down and falling asleep while I type. Gonna rest now. Goodnight.