Hell’s Kitchen

January 29, 2011 at 12:38 AM

This past week I’ve been watching season 4 of Hell’s Kitchen (uncensored version) on Youtube. You see, I’ve never watched Hell’s Kitchen. The reason is because no show is good when it’s censored. The best thing about Gordon Ramsay is that he’s an absolute potty mouth and his insults are very hilarious (unless it’s directed to you then it’s fricken scary). They’ve started showing Masterchef US and Junior Masterchef on TV now so I decided to look in youtube for Hell’s Kitchen’s clips and found some full season uploaded uncensored so yay.

It’s friggin addicting, that show. Watching Chef Gordon Ramsay shouting and insulting and swearing is hilarious. I’ve been pretty down since yesterday so watching this show sorta cheers me up a bit. I’ve also started playing the game in Nintendo DS that I had AGES ago but never really played it much. I get bored easily. It’s actually quite an okay game, if you don’t mind doing things repetitively over and over again.

Back to Hell’s Kitchen season 5 now.. I love how they get a few people who has absolutely no potential to be a chef to cause ‘drama’ in the show (or any show) for rating and excitement.