Blind Kitty

January 29, 2011 at 4:47 AM

I’m just typing random crap now because I can’t sleep, and I’m taking a break from watching ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and I have no mood to do anything else.

Another random thing – My mind currently is fucked. You see, I was playing around with my outdoor cats and kittens, called out to them and suddenly I heard a voice of a kitten crying out from my neighbor’s house.. I took a look and THERE WAS A KITTEN! And it came to me when I called her, and she looked lost.. so I went outside and called her to me and she came running to me. It broke my heart to find out that one of her eyes is blind! OMG. That’s just sad. Reminded me of my deceased kitty, Bambi who was blind in one eye.

I couldn’t find her mother, and she was clinging to me.. I just didn’t have the heart to leave her outside but I can’t take her in. DAMN. Why am I always stuck with this kind of dilemma. So I showed her this shoe shelf/cupboard and kinda told her to hide in there and later I found out that she went back to the cupboard and stayed there! OMG. She listened to me…or understood me? I have 2 other kittens that I’m trying hard to tame, and this one is already so clingy to me after first met? She also went to the door and called for me.. this is killing me.. then at 3 am or so, a stray cat came and tried to do something to her. She was screaming and shit and I went out (at 3 am mind you) to shoo that stupid stray cat… now I’m worried. She’s partially BLIND okay? A still a kitten.. oh poor kitten.

Ahhh what to do with her… I just don’t have the heart to leave her alone as none of my outdoor kitties would get along with her, and can’t take her in ..I really hate myself. If anything happens to her, I’M REALLY GONNA BE DEPRESSED. It’s enough that I’m still not over the depression of losing one kitten earlier this month due to my own mistake, now this?