Life in Ipoh So Far

January 24, 2011 at 2:01 PM

I’ve been wanting to do a sorta like ‘reminiscing 2010’ but I’ve been so occupied with things, that I didn’t have the time to. It’s a bit too late to do it now since it’s almost the end of January but I’m gonna do it anyway later. I like to look back and see what I have done and what I have accomplished. I’ll dig up old posts and see if I can compile my own list that should have been posted around new year.

But since I’m feeling much better now from my sickness, it’s time to get back to work.. I would say life but I have no life here. It’s been 7 months that I’ve been in Ipoh. I do miss KL. Oh I miss it a lot. The food, the stores, the life… but I hate my apartment. Oh I despise it very much. But right now I can safely say that Ipoh is not that bad and dull as it used to be. Okay, sure, I only get 4 malls/supermarkets that I can go to but food selection has improved. No longer do I have to resort to only McDonald’s and KFC. Ever since Domino’s is available, and delivery to my area is available, I’ve been a happy girl haha. Plus lots more new restaurants popping up, more stores, so I’m happy. If I’m willing to make a trip, A&W has been opened. It’s been so long.

The sacrifice? Well Ipoh is certainly improving.. we get more stuff which in return it’s beginning to be just like KL/PJ! Massive traffic jams which I hate and massive crowds at the malls with no parking space.

A lot of people has been asking me – why am I staying in Ipoh now? Am I back here for good? The answer is no. The reason is that I just needed some time off. I needed to get away from the hectic KL lifestyle for a bit and just chill in my little comfortable hideout without worrying about broken elevators and climbing up stairs to 13th floor or queuing up for elevator or elevator STOPPING all of a sudden, trapping you inside sandwiched and squished between loud Indians and annoying Indonesians and stupid malays. I need some peace and tranquility to get started with my work freelancing.

Anyways. To really start my 2011, I have a few short term goals that I need to achieve – and hopefully I can achieve it and stop slacking.

  1. Lose back all the weight I’ve gained from the depression. Stick to the exercise video routines
  2. Finish my community sites that has been long delayed. Damn.
  3. Start working on portfolio so that I can get some freelance job
  4. Learn new softwares, learn motion graphics and more tips and tricks on editing
  5. Earn some money and save up for Nintendo 3DS and something else.
  6. Try to stay drama free for at least 2 months.
  7. Get out more?

That’s all I can think of now. I’m so lazy to edit and post pictures so I’ll post about my graduation and other stuff laaaater.