December 20, 2010 at 12:06 AM

I’m supposed to be sleeping now but I can’t sleep. There was an effing flying cockroach earlier so now I’m crashing in my mom’s room and I can’t sleep with no TV on so I decided to blog from my phone.

I’ve just registered a new domain so I can create a new portfolio site. I need to get serious next year and find a damn job. I haven’t made a custom site design in ages. I used to, using pure and basic html but I gotta learn more and use css and all those confusing scripting. I gotta think about portfolios and what I need to do once I get my ‘groove’ back and finish and start maintaining my community sites again. Then I can start my portfolio site.

I’m going to KL today yay… That means shopping! And I’m gonna buy some books in kinokuniya. I also need to start learning Japanese again and refresh my memories. What a waste of RM18k of Japanese school fees when I can’t speak a damn Japanese now.