Back From The Dead Part 1

December 16, 2010 at 4:43 AM

My laptop is back from the dead. Hence why I haven’t been blogging.

I bought my Acer 9520G laptop in December 2007 around this time. So my laptop is 3 years old now. After buying the laptop I read that Acer laptop is not so good, and it’s quite problematic. I got worried. I read people’s problems with this and that and I was like —fuck. But so far I’m glad to say that for 3 years I never had major problems except broken DVD drive once due to pirated disc and dead adapter which is cheap and replaceable until last week………….

…there was no error. There was no problem. No indication. I was downloading some wii games and it was almost done, but my connection was slow so I wanted to reboot and so I did. Guess what? As it was loading up windows, it booted to a fucking BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH (BSOD)!!!!


My heart nearly stopped.

BSOD can never be good.

Sure this past few months I’ve had occasional BSOD but after it reboots everything works fine again but this time it was FATAL. It gave the ‘unmountable_boot_volume‘ error and would not load to windows no matter what. Even booting up using CD also was an epic fail. I googled from my phone and read that some people could just fix it using win7 installation disc but mine didn’t work. After failing to troubleshoot I decided to send it to the technician and well… I’ve already guessed that it’s a fatal error and would need to be reformatted. I’ve learned from many heartbreaks from past mistakes of not backing up and saving everything to C drive. I did a backup last July or August but I had a few latest webcam pictures I took recently that has sentimental values that I would regret of losing! So I was hoping that I didn’t need to reformat and the disc is not completely dead because then I’d lose 100++ GB of stuff.. that would be worst! I would DIE.

Well unfortunately only way is to reformat, tech guy said.

Will continue this story later today. I need to get some sleep now so I can get up in a few hours to go shopping (JCard day!) I’ve been up all night looking at cars that I wish I can afford to own.. My dream car peugeot 308 Turbo so far is the ‘value for money’ type of car. It has good specs, looks super cute and lavish, a true French beauty and I’m absolutely in love with it. I want a new car damnit.