PC Fair & Digital Lifestyle Expo 2010

December 3, 2010 at 6:31 AM

domainIt’s December. It’s HOLIDAY MONTH! IT’S SALE TIME. It’s also the last month of 2010 πŸ™

Since I’m pathetic, and sad, and I don’t get gifts from anyone for Christmas anymore so I’m deciding to buy something for myself soon. I have yet to figure out what I’m gonna get for myself. It has to be something that I really WANT and not NEED. I do know however one thing that I will get – a PS2. I bought my fat PS2 like 8 years ago or so and while I used to play with it a lot but ever since I entered my Japanese school in 2006, I stopped playing with it and eventually my fat PS2 kinda died. I don’t want to repair it because it will cost as much as a new slim PS2 so what the heck, I’ll buy a new one. I have a lot of games that I wanna play but don’t have the PS2 console to do so.

This weekend, there’s PC Expo in Ipoh πŸ˜€ I’m gonna see if there’s any good deal πŸ˜€ Then next week I’m going back to KL for Digital Lifestyle Expo (aka PC Fair) and I have a few things I wanna look at so I’m excited. I’m also excited to go to Kinokuniya for some books I wanna get. I also can’t wait to go to my skin clinic to get some med. I don’t know why but my skin problem has been so serious now. Wtf. It all started after Nikko got sick then died and everything spiraled down since that. Scar, acne, whitehead (or is it blackhead.. umm I don’t think I have blackhead) blemish..you name it. It became worst when my cousin was here. Oh well.

Hoping to get some distraction by Christmas. I need something desperately to distract me from this depression.