The Ups & Downs of Life: My Dear Nikko

October 24, 2010 at 12:41 AM

This past few days has been a huge trial for me.

I want to believe it’s a blessing in disguise but I fail to see the positive side of it so far.

If you’ve seen my facebook or twitter, and you’ll know what’s been happening with me. My cat Nikko is sick. He’s now at the vet and I miss him very, very, very much. Let me tell you the whole story.

Last Monday, Nikko was very sick. He suddenly collapsed and could barely walk, and he just slumped against the water bowl. He couldn’t eat, drink, pee or crap. He was like a zombie and wasn’t responding. At first I thought he’d get better but when he wasn’t,, I got paranoid. I googled and found out that he might have kidney stone and if i don’t take him to the vet within 24-48 hours, he might …. you know.

I panicked.

So on Tuesday, took him to the government vet at 8.30 am. I DESPISE anything government-related. Clinics, school, vet, all of them. Not only was I panicking about Nikko after a guy told us he might die (fuck him), we had to wait hours just to see the vet! I think we waited for like 5-6 hours or so, wtf. We had to wait for the vet to treat other cats… so imagine how long whatever treatment or surgery you’d need per cat times 4 or 5 cats. By the time I get to see the doc, it was only for a fricken 5 minutes. Why?

Because the place lack the facilities and they couldn’t do anything.

Oh God. We waited 5 hours only to be told that? Why not see us earlier and tell us that so we can find a private clinic?? Apparently Nikko couldn’t pee at all, and the doc said he needs a ‘surgeon’, a specialist with facilities to ward him and monitor him.. if I decide to continue with him (the doc), he could only force the ‘pee’ out but it’s 50-50 chance. My heart was crushed into bits. He offered me to sign the consent form. I was so scared and so sad. I decided to find a specialist and not give up.

Now luckily, just about 10 minutes away, there’s a clinic called ‘Goh Animal Clinic & Surgery‘ that I found while googling on my BB while waiting earlier. I heard people say it’s expensive and frankly, I didn’t care anymore. I was already bawling my eyes out, expecting the worse. But the doc took Nikko in, checked him, and well.. gave me all the bad news regarding his problem. He however, has the facilities… so he gave him the drips and hospitalize him. They checked his blood and his creatinine level is extremely high. Like ridiculously high. So again, it’s 50-50 chance. He has to check him for 3 or 4 days, and if the creatinine level goes down than Nikko’s kidney is still functioning but if not.. you know.. and looking at how high the level was, it didn’t seem good at all……

3 days later doc told me his creatinine level has gone down a bit πŸ™‚ You have no idea how happy I am right now to hear that positive news. You have no idea how early I’ve been waking up this past few days just to pray for 3-5 hours so that he’ll recover so I’m happy that my prayers has been answered and my buckets of tears didn’t go to waste. Doc said he was very critical, and today (Saturday) Nikko was responding to me a bit made me feel a tiny bit better.

He is still quite critical though… doc warned me that in cases like this, the heart can stop anytime, God forbid. While I’m happy about the positive news, I’m still living in fear. I just hope there will be some more miracles from God. I really miss him. He’s not just a cat. Like all my 2 other cats, they’re like human family members. I’ve been with them for 5-6 years. They’re part of me and my life. To lose a cat is like losing a human family member. My house right now is so dull and quiet. Nikko is the only one that would ‘meow’ all through the night. He would wake us up at 5 am. He would sleep on my pillows. He would kiss me. He would be goofy. He would be extremely cute and innocent when he made a mistake. He’s the only playful cat in my family.

He’s the man of the house, haha.

So yeah, it feels so different without him here. And it breaks my heart even more that he seems so different at the vet… maybe he’s too traumatized that he no longer acts like his old jovial self. No matter what, I’m praying for him to get better. I seriously can’t handle anymore stress, depression and sorrow in my life right now. ‘Someone’ bought him for me, and I threw that ‘someone’ out of my life… but not Nikko. It’s enough that only that ‘someone’ broke my heart. Oh the bad lucks I’m having now…

I also hope Nikko doesn’t need operation as the doc suggested because it might cost me 1k to 2k. But the doc is very nice. Everytime I see him I’d end up chatting and laughing with him. He also told me the truth, and isn’t forcing on anything. Should anything happen, I’d still be relieved that Nikko was sent to an (expensive) specialist, and I’ve tried my hardest to save and treat him. Gosh, luckily I have my loan refund money…if not .. πŸ™

On another note, due to the stress and depression this past week, I’ve been eating a lot. I think I’ve gained. I feel fat too. I need my pills. If you keep asking “are diet pills safe?” I’ll say I don’t give a damn anymore I read all about diet tablets and I rather die thin than die obese with all problems relating to obesity. I need to see my dermatologist.. but I’m too scared to drive to KL…

Off to play with my Nintendo DSi now… I’m on vacation today until tomorrow with my ‘girlfriend’ Nene in Love Plus+. Next weekend vacation with Rinko. Oh see how pathetic my life is right now? I’m having a vacation with my virtual girlfriend… I need a life and a boyfriend pronto.

Wow I haven’t been online or on my laptop for almost a week due to depression about the whole Nikko thing… must be a new record for me.