New Layout & How To Care A Zombie

October 10, 2010 at 4:12 AM

Yes new layout!

And it’s still pink-ish.

I like it because of the graphic at the bottom.. shows some crooked house and I thought it’s perfect since this is the month of Halloween!

Anyways. Went to the mall today. Went to eat steamboat..cuz I’ve been craving it for days now. I haven’t eaten steamboat for almost 2 years. Last time was January 2009 during the gathering with my japanese school classmates.. oh crap, that reminds me I haven’t edited the video during the other gathering.

Surprisingly, MPH (a bookstore) is having a 20% off today so I could not resist buying two books! One being this cabin crew confessions book written by an ex staff of a reputable international airline. I love reading all the juicy stories from cabin crews.. I read one book by this ex stewardess and it was so hilarious that I couldn’t put it down for days until I finished reading it! The other book I bought being:

Haha which zombie fan would pass up this very interesting title?

The Proper Care And Feeding Of Zombies.

My mom was against it. She didn’t let me buy but hey, it’s my money, I love zombies and I get 20% discount so what the heck. Actually the discount is for members but luckily they said celcom telco users can get discount too! And luckily I am a celcom user 😀 Yay. Stupid though, I should have paid for one book and make mom pay for the other so that I could get 20% discount for both books. Oh well. Too late.

I thought the book sound hilarious enough so I’m excited to read it. After that I finally bought Majolica Majorca’s makeup base! And instead of RM45.90 it was sold at Rm39.90 so had to grab it 😀  Been wanting it for half a year. I also bought an eyeliner that I’ve been wanting for a year now, and a new compact powder and makeup remover tissue… gosh I need to start budgeting damnit.

Okay well, I need to do something else now. I’m gonna try updating this blog a bit more later today. I also have a long blog I wanna write since 2 weeks ago.