Virtual Love: 「ラブプラス+」(Love Plus+) Extensive Review

October 5, 2010 at 2:00 PM

Have you heard about 「ラブプラス+」 (Love Plus)? I’m sure lonely Japanese men (and women) have heard of it. If they haven’t, then there’s a possibility that they were in a coma.

Warning: Super long blog and picture heavy

Love Plus is a dating simulation game for Nintendo DS console that simulates a real girlfriend, only it’s virtual. By ‘real’ I mean really REAL gf simulation. It has ‘Real Time Mode‘ that follows the real world clock (or your DS clock). That means in the morning your gf will go to school, lunch time is lunch time, and your sleeping hour is her sleeping hour too.

I’m addicted to this.

It’s funny because when I heard about this, I kept saying, ‘Oh look at the poor lonely Japanese men‘… I guess karma wasn’t happy with that remark because I am now, one of them. Fuck you Konami for making such cruel game. First Tokimemo games, now this? Oh grow up, it’s just a fun thing, not that I am a lesbian or anything. It’s like having a virtual friend to talk to. This game turns out to be much more fun that I thought it would be.


Love Plus was released last year and it instantly became a hit among the lonely men. Love Plus+ (Love Plus…Plus?) was released June 2010, and it’s not really a sequel or anything but more like an upgrade of the first one. Same concept, same gameplay, same contents, same girls but with added features. Gameplay is basic and simple. You’re a 2nd year highschool boy and you have to get 1 out of 3 girls to like you enough to confess to become your girlfriend within 100 days or you’ll get a bad ending and you have to start over. You have to set 4 tasks that you want to do everyday to raise your meters. The girls are:

高嶺 愛花, Takane Manaka

Manaka is like the girl next door type 2nd year student.. pretty and soft spoken. She’s in the tennis club and ace her studies. So she’s pretty and very smart. She was my first choice because I thought at the beginning she was the prettiest but her personality can get boring sometime. Good thing they can change personality so she’s like my backup ‘lover‘.

小早川 凛子, Kobayakawa Rinko

She’s my current ‘lover‘. I love Rinko. She’s a 1st year student so she’s your junior. She looks a bit problematic and speak roughly like a tomboy, keeps kicking and hitting you, but once she changes personality (if you choose cute) she will be very kawaii 😀 Nyan~ That’s why I like her wacky character. And that is also why she’s my lover.. ok fine, friend. Lover may be weird unless you’re a lesbo. She’s not the prettiest, but she is the wackiest and not dull.

姉ヶ崎 寧々, Anegasaki Nene

Nene. She’s the cutest. A 2nd year student. Works part time at a restaurant called ‘Dixies’. But I don’t like her, sorry. She’s very cute and bubbly but she sounds too mature for my liking which really is a turn off for me. Well her character wants to be mature so that’s why. I haven’t played her so can’t say much. But be careful! She’s taken ya’ll… yep, she’s married. More about it below.


There are some features that I like in this game that makes it special than the rest of DS dating sim I’ve played.

Real Time Mode vs Skip Mode
I love the fact that you can choose and switch anytime between these two modes. Real time mode gives the ‘real’ feeling like having a gf or a friend. Everything follows your real time so in the morning she’d go to school and at night she’d sleep. This can be boring though as you can’t do much and can only date on the weekends (but can have quick dates at school) but the catch is, you get special CGs, and can go on real vacation date.. by that I mean go on at location based on real location in Japan as a weekend getaway with your girl. You also get special events like birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and such. In skip mode, you can do things fast, unlock date spots fast, but you don’t get the special stuff above that’s only available in real time mode. Oh you or your girl can also get sick and you have to take care of them or vice versa. You can also have a study date. Too bad no hentai mode. =X

Date Your Girl
If you’ve played TokiMemo games, it’s similar. You can go to places for a date after unlocking them but so far I haven’t been to the fun vacation because I can’t play real time mode. Explanation below. Again, real time mode differs from skip mode. You can go on vacation for 2 days and spend some alone time with your girl. This can be done in real life… info below.

Love Plus Mode
This mode allows you to talk to your girl, like have a conversation or play games. You can play jyan ken game (rock paper scissor). In the plus version, you can even stretch out/exercise with your girl, and play a mini game. I tried this and it’s more like tetris but a bit more fun and different. The conversation part is tricky if you don’t know Japanese, or have a weird Japanese accent like I do.. because the DSi mic is still wonky, that it couldn’t detect some words properly. You can have your girl as your alarm to wake you up and such… oh supposedly there’s a SOS button in this game.. for those who are suicidal to talk to your girl so they can calm you down or something..but this button is only usable ONCE. I find this a very weird disturbing feature. Well I guess if you’re a suicidal Japanese loner, this feature is useful.

This is what I love! Your girl will change their characteristics to suit your needs from personality (from quiet cool to bubbly kawaii to smart) and everything else will change too. Clothing, season and HAIR. Yes. Hair. You can tell them to have long hair, or short or semi short… wear kawaii clothing or neat.. color their hair bright or dark…you can also unlock cosplay costumes.

Ecchi Mode
Haha no, there’s no ecchi mode. This is called ‘skinship’ in the game. Basically you can use your stylus to stroke their hair, touch them.. and well… kiss them.. the better you are at kissing, the longer she wants it.. you can unlock stuff too. I call this ecchi mode cuz it’s a bit perverted the way you can touch them, and the kissing part can get well.. quite hot with the moaning and stuff. This however can get boring fast when it’s repeated constantly (esp. in skip mode). Tokimemo games were the first to implement this skinship thing.

Endless Game
The game is literally endless. It doesn’t have an end. The only time it would end is when you’re bored with it and decide to dump your girl. The ending aka confession before the first 100 days from the girls is just the beginning. All the fun thing starts after.

The plus version has over 5000 scripts, 150 event CGs, 25000 is one of the I think about 5 or 6 games currently on Nintendo DS that uses 4Gbit card (512MB card) so more content. Normal maximum amount is 256MB. So it means double content from the first. The scripts are A LOT, but if you don’t understand kanji it’s quite pointless. 90% of texts in the game uses kanji. No chance for fan translation or the current translation project to ever get finished…

Full Voicing
Everything, I mean EVERYTHING is fully voiced, except your own character. The character will say your name, and can also address you differently based on what you prefer. It’s all recorded names too, so no weird sounding name. Of course, you can’t just simply put any name though. Just those well known and common Japanese names. The girl’s tone also changes according to their personality.

Basically Konami did a good job trying to create something to simulate a real life relationship with a girl considering a lot of DS games are shovelwares (aka crap). But hey, it’s Konami. They’re the best in dating games. I became obsessed with dating sim games since Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side on the playstation 2 that impressed me so much.


Yes I do download roms because I suck at being interested with something for long because I get bored very easily. I usually play games for a day or two and then I delete it unless it’s really good, then I’d buy it. So consider it as a test play. Most of recent games would have AP (anti piracy) in it so there’s no doubt that Love Plus+ would have too. The question is, what is it?

I read that those who uses Acekard 2i, will end up having their card bricked if they play the rom. Didn’t happen to me, so not sure if this is because of anti piracy. Some had white screen problem but these were solved shortly after the released. Everybody couldn’t figure out any other AP until this news surfaced:

Virtual girlfriend par excellence Love Plus+ has been released, and pirates have been dismayed to find their virtual girlfriends dump them if they have the gall to pirate the game. According to the pirate haunts of 2ch, a variety of countermeasures are in place to ensure pirates get no love from Nene and company should they have the temerity to try to date them without paying up:

“I was dating her normally, but when I next restarted she was pissed at me! I can’t get her to like me, and she’s always annoyed at me… it’s the ultimate anti-piracy measure!”

“I tried the friend part of Love Plus+ again to get some scenes I missed – you’re right, she wouldn’t let us become lovers!”

“After 100 days she still won’t let me become her boyfriend.
She completely ignores me and won’t send me any mail. The events aren’t happening either – brutal.”
Legitimate users are delighted by the trick, and even pirates seem amused at their plight. One wag on 2ch remarks on the ironic realism of the protection:“You try to get a girl for free and she hates you. You pay for her and she’ll play with you. This is just too realistic.”

Fucking GENIUS. Fucking BRILLIANT. And fucking BRUTAL.

This was so unexpected! Long gone are the normal white screen, game not loading, game crashing, unable to save etc… Konami implemented the most brutal AP ever. They let you play the game, have a taste of the game but would never let you get the girl because that’s the main objective and you can’t advance further if you don’t get the girl! After 100 days, the game will end for you.. You’d want to get to the real part of the fun. That’s just way too evil.. like giving a baby to lick a lollipop for a taste before snatching it back.

Yes, I played the game twice and couldn’t get either one of them. Couldn’t date, couldn’t do anything.. they’re just mean towards you. Events doesn’t happen. Nothing. It’s their own brutal way of saying ‘Hah, fuck you pirates!’… But of course, shortly after, it’s the pirates’ turn to return that to them because the game can be cracked.. but still for Acekard 2i users with AKAIO… you still can’t play real time mode. The day ends within seconds and it just keeps refreshing.. after 15 seconds the game have passed over 1000 days when it’s supposed to follow real world clock. You can’t do shit. You can however play in skip mode, which is ok but you can’t get the special stuff like vacation with your girl. There’s still a lot of AP in it, even after patching it.

Konami = Cxxkblock.

So I’m getting the game because it’s sorta feels like having a virtual friend, if only Play Asia would fucking restock it fast.


Oh what a world they’ve created. You know how the Japanese are. Those otakus.

I won’t write about everything that happened there… you can google it but basically those poor lonely Japanese men would do anything for their virtual schoolgirl girlfriend (ew old men’s schoolgirl fantasy?) They can go to such extend.. like buying a shitload copies of the game…

Or queue up to buy Christmas cakes with ‘their’ Christmas greetings….

Of course being the evil cxxkblocker that is Konami, there’s a catch. They had to go there with their virtual gf and they will check so pirates 0, konami 2. Or else out you go! Nice marketing tactics there Konami.

Just you and your virtual girl….

Couples also can…….. if you’re that supporting girl who lets your bf have intimate fantasy with a schoolgirl…

Girls also can ok!

And you can’t deny the fact that the damn cakes look mouthwatering… I’m drooling just looking at them.. especially Rinko’s cake… I love chocolate cakes… yum…

So now you can eat the cake, read a ‘specialized’ card from your girl.. and enjoy Christmas together… What about Valentine’s? Mmm chocolates…

Sooo yummy. Of course Konami would want to gain more moolah so they teamed up with Pocky to release a special Valentine chocolates! Oh and with cards too I assume.

And they still look delicious! Oh how creative the Japanese are….

What about birthdays?

This is just one of the many lavish birthday celebrations. Someone also bought special gifts like ring, perfume.. etc. I wonder what they do with it? Keep it? Spray it on the DS so when you make out with your DS it’ll smell nice?

Japan is evil with marketing. They’d release like 1001 different versions, special editions or limited edition items and you’d want to get them all, if you’re an obsessed fan. When I was so obsessed with Arashi, I ended up buying a lot of their things, until I’m broke. EVIL JAPANESE.

See the different versions of DSi LL/XL? If you love all 3 girls then you’re fucked.

I want the Rinko version but I hate green.. why couldn’t it be pink or blue or purple or red or maroon? There are also a lot of other skins and covers/casings and pouches…but very expensive 🙁

I wonder how it would be like for this year’s Christmas? They already have a real vacation spot called ‘Atami’ for you and your girl. Yes, you can have a real vacation with your girl. Click the image below to read on the detailed review of the vacation spot. Those who have the Love Plus app on your iPhone can take pictures of the place with your gf in the picture (quite a cool feature). They have this markers everywhere that the girl would appear in the iphone app as if it was real, doing stuff with you!

But here’s a thing, NENE is married!

Wtf right?

Yes, if you haven’t heard, there’s an otaku that goes by the name Sal9000 who actually married this character and broadcasted the wedding ceremony live online. Talk about weird. The Japanese would and can do anything.

I don’t know if I should find this funny, sad, pathetic, weird or just plain creepy.

Aww their honeymoon is so sweet..

But how does he feel about the whole world playing with Nene, making Nene their gf? Is that considered cheating? A married Nene cheating with thousands of pervs in the world? Does he fuck his DS when they’re having sex? Sandwich the DS between his you know what? Ew. Nasty. What happens when the battery dies? Or the cartridge broke? Does that mean Nene died?! Is the marriage nulled?

Here’s a story on the wedding.

Just wait when Konami decides to release Love Plus ++ (Love Plus Plus Plus) where the characters can now have sex and have babies… I trust the men would marry their virtual gfs and real life marriage would become obsolete. Then wait until Konami decides to build a life sized android robot that can act just like a real girl, but they look like the characters instead…marriage would be a thing of the past. Welcome to the future, bitches.


A new Love Plus game is coming to 3DS! And I’m also excited about 3DS but it’ll be a while before I can afford it. I don’t even know if it will ever be cracked, or new flashcart will be made to support 3D? They said DSi could not be cracked, but hah, so wrong. But they can’t crack the DSi mode, still. Anyway, the game looks promising so far! With motion sensor and ability to take photos.. but we’ll see how the final product looks like.


I decided to write a post on Love Plus+ because today is Manaka’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANAKA-CHAN. If I had the game, I’d go out and buy a slice of cake to celebrate 😛

Phew, what a long blog. Well I’m gonna go play with Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side now.. I always find Tokimemo’s gameplay much more interesting than Love Plus+ but then again, once you get your guys it’s over. I wish Konami would stop discriminating and do one Love Plus for the girls… with some sexy boys. So then we can get married to a character too.

I still think no other game can beat how sexy and pretty Hazuki Kei (from Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side) is… *sighs* *drools* *swoons*

*sighs* Friggin bishounen…