Screw Celcom

September 22, 2010 at 7:51 AM

I’m so behind in my post. I have like bazillions of pending blog posts to write in here but I need time. 🙁 I’ve been so busy finishing my personal projects, and by the time I have time for a break, I get so tired that I end up sleeping. Right now I’m working on my Glee fansite and it’s gonna take a while because it’s a fansite, not just a community like my TVD Coven. So a lot of works to do.

I’m pissed that my phone line is barred again. I didn’t pay for 2 months (yes I know!) and the bill skyrocketed to RM358. I paid RM300 to re-activate my line again and left the RM58 because I thought hey, only 50 bucks. I don’t think they mind. Before I made a switch to Celcom (our telco), I was on Maxis and DiGi. They didn’t mind a small balance being brought to the next month but NOOOOOO, NOT CELCOM. Fuck Celcom. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on Blackberry plan or what, but after around 2 weeks of re-activating my line, IT’S FUCKING BARRED AGAIN TODAY. The lady at Celcom called me on Monday and reminded me that I have 58 bucks left to pay.. and she agreed to give me time but fucking liars. FIFTY FUCKING EIGHT BUCKS. With Maxis or DiGi, I could still have a balance of RM100 and my line would still be activated. Geez.

Well time to get back to work. I’m thinking of going to KL this Friday so I could kick some ass at college…but seems like mom is not giving me the green light. I’ll blog about this a bit later. I’m getting pissed just thinking about it now but can’t get distracted.