The Vampire Diaries vs Twilight Saga

August 21, 2010 at 5:49 AM

Hello dearies. I have written 2 emo blog posts previously so I thought I’d write something that’s not serious  now. I’ve also decided to blog about this to keep my sudden obsession from driving me nuts. Picture heavy entry ahead.

Have you guys watched “THE VAMPIRE DIARIES“?

You know my current addiction & obsession is the series GLEE. I’m not the kind who likes to watch a serious drama. Glee was the first drama after millennium that caught my interest. I was never into the popular series like Lost, Heroes, The O.C, Supernatural etc They bore me to death. The last series I was really into was ‘Charmed‘. Each of the series I used to love have some sort of special attraction – like Charmed has the lovely cast, interesting stories and added humor along with the magical stuff.. Glee had the humor, interesting story & cast and the songs… but never I thought  I’d be addicted to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

I came to know about THE VAMPIRE DIARIES almost the same way as Glee. It was random. I was at the DVD store when I was buying Glee DVD and saw a DVD box for THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The cover looked interesting and actually thought the cast looks hot so I wanted to buy it. However, at that time, the series hasn’t ended yet. It was still running in the US so the DVD was a bootleg copy of incomplete series. I didn’t buy it but thought I’d download the pilot episode first to see if it’s interesting. Sadly to say, just like Glee, it felt flat to me. The pilot didn’t keep me interested long enough to watch it. So I watched halfway and the file remained in the folder for quite a while. Then my friend mentioned that he’s also watching it and it’s interesting and I tried watching the pilot again… couldn’t finish watching it 🙁 Just like Glee, I’ve tried a few times to watch the pilot episode but couldn’t keep myself still until the end.

Well until local channel 8TV was showing it a few months ago so I thought hey, this is a good chance! I don’t have to download and I’ll just keep watching it. So I finally watched the pilot episode. It was interesting but it’s just normal. I mean, it was not extraordinary. The cast was so-so. Seems like it’s a typical series about 2 vampire brothers and a girl. However they’re likable and good looking. I decided to give the 2nd episode a chance.


At first it’s a basic, cliche story. I thought it’d be something for teens. It’s basically about a girl named Elena Gilbert who lives in a town called Mystic Falls. She meets and falls in love with a super cute new student Stefan Salvatore who turns out to be a century old vampire. Then come Damon Salvatore, Stefan’s evil brother who has been gone for 15 years and was shocked to see Elena who is a lookalike of their past lover, Katherine Pierce back in 1864. As the story progress, more history about the vampires in Mystic Falls is revealed, and Elena finds out more shocking secrets of herself and her relation to Katherine.

I actually thought it’s just another vampire stories and gosh, it’s like a trend especially since it comes out after the success of Twilight but the series is actually based from a book of the same name that was written way before Twilight was written. The cast of the series are actually super gorgeous. Also the more the story progress, the better it gets. This series actually improves as it goes on and draws you in more and more. That’s how my addiction started! It’s very rare for a series that started off so-so actually progress to become extremely good! The characters became interesting… like Bonnie, Elena’s best friend turns out to be a witch. Jeremy, Elena’s brother was in love with Vicky who was turned into a vampire then killed by Damon and he yearns to be turned into a vampire too. Of course we have the history – Katherine and the rest of the clan like Pearl who is resurrected after 145 years.

GOOD GOD. This series has so much lust and passion that it’s driving me NUTS! (in a good way). My God. The thing about vampires is that they’re a damn good seducer and of course they’re supposed to be very gorgeous. It was very hard for me to sit still and watch in peace without having perverted thoughts about Damon every seconds -_____- Damon has the exact characteristics of my fantasy guy :\


I thought at first that this is just the same as Twilight. I mean, high school girl falling in love with a new guy.. like how Bella Swan is the new girl and Edward falling in love with her.. then there’s the all forbidden love thing between the mortal and the immortal.. takes place in a small town with a history of vampires. Vampires that can go out in the daytime except Edward glitters under the sun haha The Salvatore brothers has a special ring that allows them to walk out during the daytime. But hell no, the series is so much better than Twilight. I’m a fan of Twilight but this series make Twilight looks like it’s for sissies and so is Edward.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has so much stories. It can get a bit confusing at times though. There’s quite a lot of subplot and doesn’t only evolve around Elena & Stefan. The series also is not a toned down version of a vampire story for the sissies. You see real action, you see brutal death, you see fights, you see emotions, etc. The best thing is that there’s no rivalry for the main couple. I mean gosh, in every movies you see the main couple and there’s always a rival that wants to snatch the girl away.. like the triangle love between Bella, Edward and Jacob. But nobody cares about Stefan & Elena. Even when Elena has a past lover and Stefan with Katherine, but they’re not emo about the past. Damon also is not crazy about Elena even though there’s a hint of secret love for her. We’re not focusing on them but on the vampires & history of Mystic Falls. However there is a sibling rivalry because turns out Stefan & Damon were in love with Katherine and Damon blames Stefan for Katherine’s ‘death’.

The story also has a lot of surprises and twists that you can never expect what’s gonna happen. There’s always something new, or secrets revealed that makes you go, ‘wtf’. Oh and the main thing to repel a vampire in the series is ‘vervain‘. It’s a herb to paralyze a vampire and can protect the human from mind control. Stefan gave Elena a necklace containing vervain to protect her from Damon’s mind control and also from other vampires.


Elena Gilbert is played by Nina Dobrev. I absolutely love her. She’s cute and pretty and Elena is a lot less annoying than Bella. Gosh, I can’t stand Bella. She’s way too emo, angsty, indecisive, confused, lost, annoying, and all around mood killer. She’s never happy and the ‘forbidden love’ thing with Edward is way over the top. She’s just waaaaay too annoying.

Now Elena. She’s more focused. She knows what she wants. She’s a strong girl. And Nina is such a good actress. Okay, there are times when Elena can get a bit annoying but it’s not to such extent where it’s down right repulsive like Bella. She’s not emo all the time and from all the things that’s happening to her, she’s one tough cookie.

Nina is absolutely GORGEOUS when she play as Katherine. I just fricken adore the clothings and she plays Katherine so well. Katherine is the major seducer who seduced both Stefan and Damon and is a badass chick (ok she’s a vampire who turned them). Katherine’s part turns me on so badly because hello, you get to have fun with 2 gorgeous boytoys who are deeply smitten by you… ding dong! Hello! Major fantasy come true! Have I mentioned I ADOOOORE the costumes?


Hmmm Stefan & Edward. Both have quite the similarities. Both are gorgeous but duh, vampires are supposed to be gorgeous anyway. They can be out in the daytime. They love a high school girl and thought about leaving her for her safety but couldn’t because the love is too strong. They did the nasty with a mortal. They’re both the ‘good’ vampires, which means they don’t kill humans and feed on them. Of course they can hear thoughts and they’re fast as hell.

Not much difference between them except Stefan stands out more than Edward.. Edward is more of a sissy, sorry. The best part is when Stefan is being tortured by other vampires, and Elena gave him her blood to save him and after that he’s been craving blood and has powerful strength and good God, HIS BODY AND HIS MUSCLES. woof woof. *fans self* Edward’s body cannot be compared to Stefan haha.

Basically Stefan has the ‘good boy’ image… he’s always serious looking, a bit sombre, but has a charming smile..very sexy and oh yeah the hot body. Paul Wesley is also friggin hot.

PS: I have always loved the name Stefan. I’m gonna name my kid that >.<



How can someone be this ridiculously sexy & insanely gorgeous?!?

Like seriously. Damon Salvatore is an epitome of every girl’s fantasy, well at least mine. He’s the bad boy who shows no remorse. He’s the powerful vampire that other vampires fear. He has the ability to charm you, seduce you, manipulate you then snap, kill you. But yet, there’s something else about him that is a mystery…

Ian Somerhalder plays Damon so fricken well, it’s unreal. Damon is the major reason why I’m so addicted to the show. He has the ability to seduce a human and compels them to do whatever he tells you to do, and the ability to erase the memory. I don’t know… is it the bright blue eyes and that killer, sharp, seductive looks that managed to really charm me for real? Is it the smile? Is it the badass look? Is it the mysterious & sexy look? Or the image of a suffering, tortured soul? Whatever it is, Damon is one hell of a hot vampire and I would instantly & willingly give myself to him, hahaha.

The thing I love about him is that, at the beginning we see this one very angry vampire who has a deep hatred towards his brother with a tough, bad boy look. He kills the human and has no remorse whatsoever. But as the show progress, his character develops. We see a more ‘vulnerable‘ side of him. Maybe he’s actually longing for something, like an acceptance? There are moments when you want to pity him.. moments when you hope and thought he could change.. moments when he seems to be a good guy. That’s why he’s so irresistible.  But the eyes.. the EYES.. can’t… look… away… Gosh is it hot in here?

He also used to be closed to Stefan until Katherine was taken away because of Stefan so he spent over a decade blaming and hating him. He also maybe have a feeling towards Elena since she’s the splitting image of Katherine.

Sorry for Damon pictures spam. I want his pics in my blog 😛 I just can’t believe how he exactly fit my own fantasy guy 😛 The badass/bad boy look, wearing all black + black jacket (it just screams pure orgasmic), mysterious, sexy, seductive, charming yet with a hint of passion, vulnerability, suffering, emo, tortured soul.. *sighs* He’s such a perfect sexy beast.

Can never have enough pictures of the Salvatore brothers ;D

Well apart from the obvious main characters there are other supporting characters that are cute too.. like Elena’s brother Jeremy. He’s very cute.  Okay I think I’ve spammed enough pictures in here. I can’t wait for season 2 to start next month! I have 4 more episodes to watch for season 1 which I’ll watch tomorrow. Been watching it for hours today. I thought I’d wait and watch in local tv but no, couldn’t control myself :\

I want to read the books but I have like piled up books that I have yet to read -_____- Before I end this post, I’ll post a video from one of the episodes of Damon and Vicki dancing.. geebus cripes I think this has got to be the sexiest dancing I have ever seen on a tv series! SDJHSJKFHNKLSDSLKJDOSIUD GODDAMMIT DAMON. I wish I could dance like Vicki.

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This video is too sexy and too hot for my own good.
Excuse me while I go take an ice cold shower for 2 hours -____-