Channel [V] replaced by FOX

June 17, 2010 at 3:24 AM

Sorry I haven’t been blogging for few days. My connection was nice to me for 2 days, few days ago and was connected almost for the whole day, and whole night.. then it just won’t connect at all until today. So currently I have to use my phone as modem.

Now this is rant blog.

If you’re ASTRO subscriber (Pay per view satellite television network station) you would have noticed that a new channel FOX is now available (and FXHD for Astro B.yond). I have no problem with FOX because in US, it’s the channel that brings GLEE. However, I’m just speechless and absolutely appalled that it turns out, Channel [V] is no longer available to be replaced with FOX. HOW FUCKING INSANE.

This is so like the previous case. Hundreds people signed a petition when BBC Entertainment was pulled off because their contract with Astro ended. We were pleading for BBCE to be reinstated as it was the ONLY dedicated British channel. It was replaced with BIO which is absolutely useless. BIO could not replace the awesomeness that is BBCE. But no, Astro didn’t care.  Still no BBCE… which means no Dr. Who for me, or British comedies like Little Britain, Fawlty Towers etc. However shortly after that, they introduced Granada TV. Now it’s currently a ‘preview’ channel, and it can be axed anytime. Even though Granada is not as awesome as BBCE was, at least there’s still a dedicated British channel available. I have also heard about BBCE being axed because the government thinks it’s too ‘foreign’. WTF. That’s ridiculous! I would start cussing now but I don’t want the corrupted government to arrest me like some other bloggers.

Now why the fuck did they axe Channel [V] that has been on air for like 13 (or 14) years?? I loved Channel V. It is one of the earliest channels available back in 1998 when I first subscribed to ASTRO. I was a loyal viewer back then. Most of my day was spent watching (and dancing to) music in channel V and MTV Asia. Now there’s only MTV left. Only ONE music channel? No, you cannot include ASTRO HITZ as it’s shit. It’s a channel by Astro, what do you expect?

Now FOX, currently the programs line up SUCKS to the core. The only show I would watch is Family Guy. Other than that?

Smallville – overplayed. It has been on so many channels, repeated, and basically I’m sick of it. I don’t like an hour drama except for Glee because it’s funny, at least. Don’t care if it’s latest season or what.
The Simpsons – OVERPLAYED. I know Simpsons is like one of the greatest cartoons of all time, but it has been on few channels before and now it’s on FOX? I’m getting sick of it.
Bones – was on STAR World.
NCIS – Still available on AXN.
Cops – Urgh. Hate this. Was on STAR World.
Flash Forward – boring.
Lie To Me – boring.

Some people who do enjoy these kind of shows would be jumping for joy. I enjoy sitcoms. When I laugh, I forget my problems.

Of course, FOX is new in Malaysia..maybe after a while, there’d be more shows, but I miss my variety of music. MTV doesn’t ALWAYS play music. Sometimes it’s those stupid shows about spoiled, bratty teens showing off like Super Sweet 16 or Teen Crib.

I’ve been whining and complaining and ranting in Astro facebook. Now, people may be annoyed with me, but I don’t care. This is not free service. I feel that every paying customer deserve to speak out. Should I even mention how often ads appears now? Like every few minutes… it’s starting to feel like free TV. What the hell am I paying for if I can’t even enjoy uninterrupted shows WITHOUT SUBS? Oh God, I used to think ASTRO was heaven sent because it had no subs, but I was dead wrong. Subs are hard coded. You can’t turn it off. That feature is available to selected shows only. It’s ANNOYING having to watch and get distracted by malay subs all the time that doesn’t even translate correctly. I’m not saying my english is perfect, but I work hard everyday trying to improve myself. I won’t improve myself if I can just read the subs. If you’re speaking to real people, can you ‘read’ the sub? Can you get translator?? At least, make the subs switchable where I can turn it on or off. That’s all I’m asking.

EDIT// Sub is NOT to remind you of the national language. That’s just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Some people misunderstood me. I want OPTION to switch off sub, NOT demolish sub entirely.

Should I even mention the unfair package offer? For example, we only have one Japanese channel – NHK World Premium. Now it’s part of Dynasty package. If I just want to watch NHK, I have to subscribe to the WHOLE package including chinese channels that I have no interest in. For one channel, I have to pay a HUGE amount for the package. Is this fair? This is not PAY-PER-VIEW type of subscription, it’s PAY-PER-PACKAGE.

I could go on and on.. but what’s the point? It’s a problem you have to face when you have company monopolization. I’d terminate my subscription instantly if there’s another alternative, but no. None.